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Finding Help for Post Tubal Syndrome – Andrea’s Story of Tubal Ligation Side Effects

Looking for information on tubal ligation side effects? No doubt you have been wondering what is happening to you since having your tubes tied. All these strange ailments have entered your life and are causing havoc in your body. No one can seem to tell you what is going on. You may even have felt like you are all alone.

However, you are not alone in having to put up with tubal ligation side effects. In fact, it is not unusual for you to be suffering these different symptoms. Let’s take a brief look at Andrea’s story and you can see how much like your own it might be.

Andrea lives in Idaho with her husband and four children. After the planned c-section birth of her last child, she had a tubal ligation. This was against the advice of her doctor who may have known her better than she did herself. Even her husband cautioned against the procedure.

Andrea began to suffer all kinds of things she had not experienced before. So many new things were happening that she began to keep a journal of her post syndrome symptoms and experiences.

Now, before we go further into this, you should know that Andrea was only 28 at the time of her tubal. I mention this because one thing many women hear when complaining about tubal ligation side effects is that they are simply entering menopause early.

Andrea tried the usual diet, exercise and breast feeding that had helped her lose her baby weight in the past. This did not work. She could not get the weight off. As a homeschooling mom of four, you have to know Andrea was very active. This just did not make sense to her and is something many women complain about.

In addition she began having cyclical migraines. These would come on at certain times during her cycle and last for several days each time. They brought on severe pain, nausea and vomiting.

Other symptoms she endured were extremely dry skin, being very sad and highly emotional, mid-cycle cramping, and spotting for about another eight or so days beyond her period each month. She believes she even suffered persistent yeast infections because she always having to wear a pad and therefore stayed damp all the time.

Then there was her period which had become very abnormal for her. The cramping became so severe it brought her nearly to tears even though she has a high pain threshold. Her flow was so heavy she would soak a pad in an hour and her doctor thought she might have menstrual anemia. It was so bad she ended up having to leave in the middle of church due to being pale, weak and nauseous.

As any of us would, she turned to her doctors only to have them tell her that heavy and painful periods can be caused by tubal ligation. Her family doctor even told her of having heard of numerous cases of women with severe post syndrome symptoms.

With her doctors’ blessings, Andrea started looking into having a tubal reversal. This was after testing was done to be sure she had none of the other possibilities like cancer, endometriosis, fibroids, infections or cysts. While many doctors in her local area would do the tubal reversal surgery, Andrea was uncomfortable because they could provide her with statistics concerning relief from post syndrome and pregnancy success rates.

Not only that but they wanted to charge her $12,000. For less than that, she could have the world’s foremost tubal reversal team at Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center, Dr. Gary Berger and Dr. Charles Monteith, perform the operation. She could also pay for the airplane tickets and hotel room and get change back from that price tag. So, she did the obvious thing and chose Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center.

Andrea’s surgery happened at the end of July 2008. Immediately she saw a lessening of her problems starting with a shorter period. Next, the headaches, spotting and cramping went away. Her period became normal for her and she no longer suffered from anemia. Even better for her, Andrea became pregnant within two months of having the tubal reversal surgery.

This is Andrea’s story. You, too, could find your post syndrome symptoms alleviated with a tubal reversal surgery. To no longer suffer from tubal ligation side effects could be your ultimate end goal or to be able to get pregnant again or even both. By having your tubes untied, you can find relief from your own problems just like Andrea.

19 thoughts on “Finding Help for Post Tubal Syndrome – Andrea’s Story of Tubal Ligation Side Effects”

  1. Kathy says:

    I had my TL in March, 2012 by a pomeroy technique. For the first 3 years I noticed a little changes in my body such as vagina dry, reduce in sex drive and sometime had yeast infection and dry skin around the area. At the time I was not aware of PTLS. I thought it just my body. After 3 years I have been through more severe issues: acid reflux, bloating, constipation, joints and muscles tender and stiff all the time, during the ovolation and before pms sharp pain on my abdomen,pelvic pain and butt pain where you poop, insomia, feel doom sometime, fatigue most of the times at number of years increased of TL, breast pain, abdomenal pain, back pain and joints cracking all the times on my neck, right arm, right hip, right wrist. I have checked every thing like ultrasound,MRI, X-ray, colonoscopy, endoscopy,mammogram,checked all my hormones and thyroid and it all came normal. Four and a half years after my TL and after all the tests and checkup it came out normal. Then I started to ask my family doctor and OB they both said no such thing like PTLS. My family doctor even mentioned that she had TL done and has no PTLS like what I have told me and they think it was just in my head. I just want to let all the women know that PTLS is real and please think carefully before having it done. I had my TL when I was 33 and PTLS started after 3 years and more severe as number of years have been increased. I’m now 38 almost after 5 and half years I had my TR done on 11/20/2017. Im now still in recovery time but I belive all my PTLS will go away as times go by. I notice my mood swing a bit better.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I just don’t understand how a reversal can cure PTLS. The receptors are permanently damaged by the cutting.

    1. Dr. Monteith says:

      Most of our patients (over 80%) report improvement.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I had my tubal ligation about five years ago in June 2011 . I was convinced my husband and I that we didn’t want more children after having 3 . I started to feel very agitated with anxiety and depression six months post tubal ligation I have very heavy periods that last 5 to 7 days with pain night sweats palpitations & horrible mood swings . I just don’t know what I should do . If a should proceed and have a rival reversal .

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