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Can You Get Pregnant With Filshie Clips?
Testimonial #2507


Can You Get Pregnant With Filshie Clips?

Dr. Monteith

Thank you for everything ❤️

Patient age: 33
Tubal ligation type: Tubal clips (clamps)
Patient hometown: Shippensburg, Pennsylvania

What are tubal clips?

Tubal clips are a common method of tubal ligation. There are only two types of fallopian clips: Filshie clips and Hulka clips.

Hulka clips. These are tubal clips are made from a rigid plastic and have a gold band that firmly compresses the clips across the fallopian tubes. This causes the tubes to heal closed.


Filshie Clips

Filshie clips. These are tubal clips made from titanium and they have a soft silicone lining inside the jaws of the clips.

The clips also firmly compress the fallopian tubes, cause the tubes to heal close, and permanently prevents pregnancy.

During the tubal ligation the doctor usually puts one clip across each tube (sometimes they will use multiple clips on each tube). The clip applies firm pressure on a small part of the fallopian tube. This pressure decreases the blood supply to the tissue immediately underneath the clip. This causes the tube to separate and the tubal ends to heal closed.

Many people think the clips can simply be removed and pregnancy will happen. This is not the case….the clips cause the tube to permanently close.

Can You Get Pregnant With Filshie Clips?

Can you get pregnant with Filshie clips? You can get pregnant… either from tubal clip failure (very uncommon) or from tubal ligation reversal surgery (provides a better chance of pregnancy than does tubal clip failure).

Filshie clip failure. Failures can be from clips being placed during a very early pregnancy (early pregnancy not detected during tubal ligation surgery), defective clips (clips did not close properly, the clips do not compress enough of the tube, or clips opened and fell off soon after placement), improper clip application (clip not place entirely across the tube), or abnormal healing after tubal ligation procedure from fistula formation (the tubes healed closed but a small hole remained).

Many women can have the clips fall off the tubes after tubal ligation. Many women mistakenly believe they will become pregnant when this happens. The reality is most of these women will not become pregnant because the tubes have already permanently healed closed.

Medical research has show failure rates from the Filshie clip is ranges from 0.1% to 2%……or at most 2 out of every 1000 women can get pregnant with tubal clips from failure.

Tubal ligation reversal surgery. Reversing tubal clips can provide an excellent chance of success. Dr. Monteith is the medical director of A Personal Choice and he specializes in tubal ligation reversal surgery. The chance of pregnancy after reversal of tubal clips with Dr. Monteith can be as high as 80% to 90%.

Getting Pregnant With Tubal Clips?

If you have tubal clips and do not want to become pregnant then don’t worry about it. The clips are highly successful.

If you have tubal clips and really want to become pregnant…then would you rather have a 2% chance from tubal ligation failure or an 80% chance with tubal reversal surgery? You should probably pick the surgery for your best chance to become pregnant.

More information: Chance of pregnancy after reversing tubal clips

Dr. Monteith has many testimonials from successful tubal clip reversal.

More information: Tubal clip pregnancy testimonials

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A Personal Choice Tubal Reversal Center is in Raleigh, North Carolina and specializes in tubal ligation, Essure, and vasectomy reversal surgery.

Dr. Monteith specializes in helping couples get surgical results they are happy with… and having more beautiful children!

Tubal ligation is a very common procedure. Tubal ligation regret is a very common problem. Dr. Monteith helps couples by offering an affordable solution to tubal reversal regret.

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