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Easing Symptoms Of Tubal Ligation! – Testimonial #1444

“Our little miracle wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you.”

Posted 18th January, 2013

Hello Dr. Monteith,

I wanted to send you an e-mail letting you know how absolutely grateful and thankful we are. Our son Aiden Kovin came into this world on 12/1/2012 weighing in at 7lbs 9oz 19 1/2 inches long at 38 weeks via cesarean. He is an absolutely perfect little boy in every way!

I initially got the surgery to ease up the symptoms of tubal ligation syndrome but it didn’t hurt that we wanted a child as well and thought we would wait a bit. We figured it would take us awhile to get pregnant. I received my surgery on March 6th 2012 and got my first positive on April 1st!!! I was shocked, amazed and scared all at the same time. I thought for sure the baby would be in my tubes and was in disbelief that it happened so fast so I thought for sure we were going to run into a problem. Nope!!

With each doctor’s visit and each passing month it was only more confirmation that our little miracle was in fact a reality. He was nestled nicely in my uterus and when they finally saw the placenta on the ultrasound it was nice and high… I can’t begin to express nor do I even have words for the gift you have given us! Not only do I have this beautiful little boy but I am happy to say all the symptoms I was having with the tubal ligation syndrome have completely disappeared and I feel better than ever. In fact when I went for my 6 week checkup the doctor gave us the green light if we wanted to have another one later on letting me know how well my tubes looked and what a great job you did!

Thank you again… Our little miracle wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you!


Ranjit and Iris P.
Ocala, Florida

Doctor who performed your surgery: Dr. Monteith
Date of your tubal reversal: 03/06/2012
Positive pregnancy test: 04/01/2012
Date of Baby’s Birth: 12/01/2012
Baby’s Name: Aiden Kovin
Baby’s Gender: Male
Baby’s Weight: 7 lbs 9 oz.
Baby’s Length: 19 1/2 inches
Number of pregnancies since TR: 1
Ligation method: Tubal Resection (tied or cut)

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