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Mom Age 43 From Vienna Austria Has Second Tubal Reversal Baby!
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Dr. Monteith

The most wonderful thing about miracles is that they really happen sometimes!!!!!

Greetings to Dr. Monteith and the to the whole staff of “A Personal Choice” in Raleigh, North Carolina.

I had tubal ligation done after the birth of my third child 12 years preceding the reversal surgery with Dr. Monteith in February 2016 in Raleigh.

No physician here in Europe gave me a chance given my age of over 40 years. As tubal reversal surgery is not practiced in Austria at all… no doctor saw any chance for my wish to have a child again.

tubal-reversal-babies-from-Vienna-AustriaI found Dr. Monteith via the internet and was well informed about the procedure within short time. Dr Monteith encouraged me and how he was right!!!

I traveled to Raleigh from the other side of the world aged 40 and a half. The surgery was extremely easy and I boarded the plane just two days after the procedure. I was full of hope to have a chance for another baby. At this time I dreamed of just one more, not even thinking more could be possible. I was pregnant just a short time later and our baby was born exactly 13 months after tubal reversal surgery.

When we celebrated our baby boy’s first birthday I had the feeling there is another little soul who would still like to join our family. And then, a miracle was about to happen again. Just a couple of months shy of my 43rd birthday I got pregnant with our second tubal reversal baby and this first try!!!! Another healthy baby boy was born via my 5th C-section on October 22nd in Vienna, the capital city of Austria.

Without having made the decision to choose Dr Monteith with such an expertise in this medical field I would never have had the chance to become a mom again and these two precious boys could never have completed our family.

We will be forever grateful to all of you making these two little lives possible!!! Million times THANK YOU!!!!!!!

A happy family from Austria!

Patient age: 43
Tubal ligation type: Resection (tied or cut)
Patient hometown: Vienna, Austria

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