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Can You Remove Tubal Clips? Will You Get Pregnant? – Testimonial #1466

“Reversing tubal clips provides an excellent chance of success.”

Posted 24th February, 2013

Often we are asked by patients if simply removing tubal clips will allow you to become pregnant.

When tubal clips are placed they cause the tube to divide and the ends near the clip will both separate and close. If the clips are simply removed pregnancy will not happen because the tube will still be closed.

Reversing clips provides an excellent chance of success. During a clip reversal the clips are removed and the closed ends of the tube are opened and rejoined. The chance of pregnancy after reversal of clips can be as high as 90% for some women.

This photo of baby Alabama was sent to us by his mother, Nicole, after she came to A Personal Choice and had a successful reversal of her tubal clip ligation.

Nicole K.
Raleigh, Illinois

Doctor who performed your surgery: Dr. Monteith
Date of your tubal reversal: 05/23/2012
Positive pregnancy test: 6/12/12
Date of Baby’s Birth: 02/18/2013
Baby’s Name: Alabama Lane
Baby’s Gender: Male
Baby’s Weight: 7ibs 11oz
Baby’s Length: 20 1/2″
Number of pregnancies since TR: 1
Ligation method: Tubal clips (clamps)

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