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Reverse Tubal Ligation – Testimonial #777

“I had both clips and the triple burn procedure and Dr. Berger was still able to successfully reverse my tubal ligation. We are completely overjoyed.”

Dr. Berger's successful reverse tubal ligation.Posted December 2nd, 2008

I had both clips and the triple burn procedure and Dr. Berger was still able to successfully reverse my tubal ligation. Dr. Berger, you and the staff at A Personal Choice are wonderful. Everyone was so kind and helpful throughout our entire conception journey. I’ve never seen such caring staff at any medical facility. Looking back now, it’s nothing short of amazing! Then, as we tried for a year and a half to conceive, we found we could call upon your staff with our continued questions.

Our healthy baby girl, Ellen Kate, arrived October 29, 2008 and we are completely overjoyed. Thank you for giving our family a gift like no other…

Bonnie and David S.

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33 thoughts on “Reverse Tubal Ligation – Testimonial #777”

  1. Mica says:

    8 years ago I had my tubal ligation done to me bcuz I didnt want anymore kids but now I want to have a baby but I’m scared that they can’t not undo it… What is the chance that I can come out pregnant again if I have the surgery and how much will that b…..

    1. Dr. Monteith says:

      There is about a 70% chance of pregnancy and the surgery will cost $5900 at our center. I will email you additional information.

  2. Tia says:

    I have had 6 c-sections. My last pregnancy 6 years ago after giving birth I had the Tubal Litigation procedure done. I regret it. I was not ready to stop having kids? I just want to know if the reversal procedure would still be possible and safe for me??? I am 35 years old with a regular period, if this information helps any.

    1. Dr. Berger says:

      Tia – If you have no medical contraindications to pregnancy, tubal reversal will be safe for you. It is possible that scarring from your multiple c-sections could interfere with being able to repair one or both tubes. A copy of your operative report from your last c-section would be helpful to review in this regard.

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