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The Best Doctor – Testimonial #1022

“Dr. Berger, you are the best doctor for making this happen.”

Dr. Berger, skilled surgeon makes dreams come true.Posted 21st October, 2010

Dr. Berger,

My name is Elaine P. and you performed my tubal ligation reversal in Jan. of 2003. My son Victor was born April 23, 2004. I have sent previous pictures and emails of him to you chronicling his life, and have enjoyed having you and your staff “following up” on us.

I wanted to send you a picture of my son, now 6 years old, because when I look at his smiling angelic face, I am in awe of the miracle he is and how I have been so blessed to have had the reversal procedure. Every time I look at my son, I feel eternally grateful to you and your expertise in this type of surgery. He is my pride and joy and a true gift from God. We are grateful to have had you as our doctor. Without your help, the wonderful birth and life of my son would not have been possible. I know God is truly responsible for blessing me with him, but I also know that God is responsible for blessing you with the gift of being a skilled surgeon and making my dream come true!

Please feel free to post his picture and my note on your website, so others can know how successful tubal reversal surgery can be, and how you are the best doctor for making this happen!!!!

Elaine P.
Houston, Texas

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