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Have You Ever Saw Such A Thing? Tubal Reversal Twins! – Testimonial #1526

“Our family is finally complete.”

Posted 14th July, 2013

Caysen and Cayden were born April 29, 2013 and just 9 months and 13 days after my tubal reversal!

Our family is finally complete and it never would have happened without A Personal Choice!

We will forever be grateful to Dr. Monteith and his staff!

Melissa K.
Ellisville, Mississippi

Doctor who performed your surgery: Dr. Monteith
Date of your tubal reversal: 07/16/2012
Date of Baby’s Birth: 04/29/2013
Babies Names: Caysen and Cayden
Babies Gender: Both (Twins+)
Babies Weight: 8lb10oz and 7lb3oz
Babies Length: 22in and 20 1/2in
Number of pregnancies since TR: 1
Ligation method: Resection (tied or cut)

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5 thoughts on “Have You Ever Saw Such A Thing? Tubal Reversal Twins! – Testimonial #1526”

  1. Amy G says:

    They are beautiful! Truly a blessing! Enjoy them every second!

  2. Lisa says:

    HAHA! How cute is that? You are SO lucky! <3

  3. Yarelis says:

    Aww they are ADORABLE!

  4. Dr. Monteith says:

    I love this photo and think it is awesome!

  5. vanessa Riley says:

    Too adorable!

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