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Sending Tubal Ligation Records

How to determine if you are a candidate for tubal reversal or tubal surgery?

We recommend you send the records from your tubal ligation surgery for a free review.

The records that are the most helpful are the tubal ligation operative report and, if any fallopian tube segments were removed, the tubal ligation pathology report.

If you have infertility from blocked tubes then we recommend you send your records from your infertility evaluation, reports from any tubal surgeries, and images from any x-ray studies of your tubal blockage.

Tubal ligation operative report

The operative report is dictated or hand written by the surgeon after your tubal ligation surgery. It usually provides a detailed description of what was done during the surgery. Every tubal ligation surgery should be documented with an operative report by the surgeon.

Tubal ligation pathology report

The pathology report is only created if segments of your tubes were removed and if the surgeon sent them to the lab for confirmation. This report often measures and describes the exact amount of tube removed from each fallopian tube. If your tubal ligation was done with tubal clips, rings, tubal coagulation (burning), or you had Essure tubal occlusion then you may not have a pathology report because segments of tube are not usually removed during these types of tubal ligation procedures.

Where do you get your records?

The best place to request your records is to go to the Medical Records Department of the hospital or facility where your tubal ligation surgery was performed. The second best place would be to ask the doctor who performed the surgery. They may have a copy of these reports in your office record.

Getting Records: Best Advice

We recommend you have the Medical Records department send you the records directly. We then recommend you send your records directly to our office using the Fax Cover Sheet.

There are two advantages to having records sent to you directly: (1) you will always have a copy (2) you will know exactly when the records have been sent to our office.

How do you request your medical records?

We recommend you request your medical records using our medical records request form:
Medical Records Release Form.

Complete the release form, print it out, and then fax or mail it to the Medical Records department of the hospital where you had your tubal ligation surgery.

Our Medical Records Release Form requests the hospital to fax or mail your tubal ligation records directly to us along with the records release form. If the medical release form is not included, we will not have the necessary information required to contact you with our evaluation.

We will let you know if you are a candidate within 48 hours of receiving your records. Please be aware if your contact information is not included we may not be able to contact you. Also be aware there can often be a considerable delay from the time medical records department receives your request until the time they actually send your records.

What if you already have your records?

If you already have a copy of your records, we recommend you use our: Fax Cover Sheet.

Print out the fax cover sheet and fax your records, along with the completed fax cover sheet to our office.

Without the completed fax cover sheet we will not have all the necessary information needed to be able to contact you after your records have been reviewed.

What if you can’t get your records?

If you are unable to obtain your surgical records or pathology report then you are welcome to call a member of our staff to discuss your options. Many of our patients will come for surgery with the reassurrance we can repair most tubal ligations in most of our patients.

For patients who are unable to obtain their records and who want more reassurance, we recommend they consider a screening laparoscopy. For more information: Screening laparoscopy.