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Tubal Reversal Canada: Offering Reversal Surgery Discounts To Canadians

Offering Affordable Tubal Reversal To Canadians
Affordable and Successful Reversal Surgery

Our center specializes in affordable, outpatient tubal reversal surgery.

Patients travel to us from across the United States and the world for tubal ligation reversal and vasectomy reversal surgery. We frequently have patients from Canada because many Canadians have limited access to specialized tubal reversal surgery.

There are very few Canadian tubal reversal specialist and the wait time to see this small pool of specialist can be exceedingly long.

Our surgical specialty center is located in Raleigh, North Carolina and we are only a 1 hour 30 minute non-stop Air Canada flight from Toronto.

Patients interested in reversal will find it easier, more affordable, and more successful to travel to our center and spend two (2) nights and three (3) days to have tubal reversal surgery.

Affordable Tubal Reversal Surgery in Canada

Although health care is provided free of charge to Canadian citizens, tubal reversal surgery is not a covered procedure. Affordable tubal reversal surgery is just as difficult to find in Canada as it is in the United States and may even be more difficult to have tubal reversal surgery in Canada because of the framework of the Canadian health care system.

If you have been searching for tubal reversal in Canada you should be aware of several facts about having tubal reversal in Canada. This information has been shared with us by our Canadian patients and are the reasons they decided not to have tubal reversal in Canada: Facts about having tubal ligation reversal in Canada: What you should know!

We charge a single low affordable price for outpatient tubal reversal surgery at our specialty center. This covers the cost for surgery, anesthesia, facility, and the surgeon’s fee.

The only additional costs you would be responsible for would be a schedule fee to get on our schedule and the cost of travel, lodging and food for the patient and a responsible adult caretaker.

For more information on the cost of tubal reversal surgery at our center:
Cost of tubal reversal surgery

Vasectomy Reversal Canada

We also offer Canadian patients affordable vasectomy reversal surgery.

For more information: Vasectomy reversal

For more information on the cost of vasectomy reversal at our center:
Cost of vasectomy reversal

Why travel to our center?

We exclusively specialize in tubal ligation reversal surgery and we have an international reputation for providing affordable tubal reversal surgery. We were formerly known as Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center but moved locations and changed our name to provide better services to our patients.

We are accredited by the AAAHC as an ambulatory surgical facility and we perform surgery in an operating room located within our facility. To view our office and surgical facility:
Office and surgical facility of A Personal Choice

We are responsible for more tubal reversal babies than any other doctor or center in the world. Our Medical Director, Dr. Charles Monteith, was one of the first physicians in the world to report successful pregnancy after reversal of the newest form of tubal ligation, Essure sterilization.

For our tubal reversal pregnancy statistics: Tubal reversal pregnancy statistics

To see testimonials from other Canadian patients: Tubal reversal Canada

Frequently asked questions by Canadian Tubal Reversal Patients?

1. Can my tubal ligation be reversed?
We can reverse over 98% of tubal ligations. We do encourage you to send an operative report describing your tubal ligation for a free review before scheduling. We do not require an operative note to schedule surgery.

2. Will my Canadian health insurance cover hospitalization in cases of emergency?
Tubal reversal surgery at our center is extremely safe. We prescreen candidates before they can schedule surgery and we do not accept patients who are not safe surgical candidates. The risk of a complication occurring at our center which would require hospitalization is approximately 1 out of every 2000 patients. You would need to check with your provincial health care plan to see if it covers hospitalization for an emergency experienced outside the country. The vast majority of our patients will not have a complication.

3. Is it safe to travel after surgery? Will I be in pain? 
Many of our patients travel to our center for tubal reversal surgery. Many will travel 6 to 12 hours by car or 3 to 8 hours by plane. We frequently have international patients who return home after surgery without difficulty. Most patients rate their pain a 2 on a scale of 1 to 10 the day after surgery. You are welcome to consider extending your stay for several days before returning home if you are concerned about traveling after surgery.

4. What about my care after surgery?
The day after surgery, patients return to the office for a post-operative exam. During this visit we answer any remaining questions and provide you with a copy of your medical records. We also send a copy of your records and a detailed letter of medical recommendations to your local physician to assist in your care. We recommend our patients see their local doctors within four weeks of surgery to discuss future pregnancy management.

5. Where would we stay?
All patients must stay at one of two specially selected hotels near our office. These hotels provide patients chauffeured car service to our office and there are many restaurants, several pharmacies, and a grocery store within walking distance of the hotel.

For more information: Where to Stay in Raleigh?

There are many activities to keep you entertained during your stay: Fun Things To Do!

Tubal reversal Canada: More Information

For more information visit our website: A Personal Choice
Detailed information on how to schedule surgery at our center in Raleigh, North Carolina can be found in the links underneath the section of our website “Getting Started“.

For more answers to the most frequently asked questions:
Frequently Asked Questions When Considering Tubal Reversal Surgery

Feel free to call and speak to a nurse for more information: (919) 977-5050

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