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Tubal Ligation Reversal Surgery In Canada: Facts You Should Know

Facts You Should Know About Having
Tubal Ligation Reversal Surgery In Canada

Offering discounts on tubal ligation reversal surgery to Canadian residentsWe see many patients who travel from Canada to have tubal reversal surgery at our center.

I have had extensive discussions with many of our Canadian tubal reversal patients about reversal in Canada and why they chose to travel to our specialty center.

These are facts about having infertility testing and tubal ligation reversal surgery in Canada that they have shared with me:

  1. Tubal reversal surgery is not covered by the Canadian provincial health care system.
  2. The provinces will cover infertility testing to decide if IVF or tubal reversal would be a better option but the provinces will not pay for tubal reversal surgery and they will not pay for IVF if you have had a tubal ligation.
  3. Doctors who have the skill to provide tubal reversal surgery work in general infertility clinics. All primary care providers in Canada refer patients with all types of infertility to these same general infertility clinics and, as a result, the wait times to be seen are long.
  4. Not only are there large numbers of patients waiting to be seen at the infertility clinics but the provinces regulate the number of patients an individual doctor can see in a day. This also contributes to increased patient wait times.
  5. If you can find a doctor in Canada who can perform tubal reversal surgery and let you pay directly then you still have to endure longer wait times for the evaluation and surgery because all doctors work out of the same general clinics and hospitals. Essentially paying out-of-pocket in Canada does not put you on the fast track to have surgery.
  6. Doctors who perform tubal reversal in Canada must perform the operations in the provincial hospitals. Since tubal reversal surgeries are elective (not done for life threatening reasons), they are subject to longer wait times and are at risk for getting canceled or rescheduled at the last minute if a need for emergency surgery arises. This is true even if you are paying directly for your reversal surgery.
  7. Most Canadians who have tubal reversal surgery find it more affordable and more timely to travel to the United States where they can have timely and affordable reversal surgery.
  8. For more information: Tubal Reversal Canadian Surgery Discount

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