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Benefits of In-Vitro Fertilization


In-vitro fertilization (IVF) can be a beneficial and effective treatment for some groups of patients who have infertility.

ivf-can-be-beneficialIVF is a combination of a medical treatment and a surgical procedure in which the woman is given high doses of hormones to cause her ovaries to produce many eggs.

The eggs are then retrieved from the ovaries and her partner’s sperm are then allowed to fertilize the eggs outside the body.

Once the eggs begin growing they are inserted into the woman’s uterus in the hope implantation and pregnancy will occur.

The main benefit of IVF is that it allows couples to overcome the common causes of infertility listed below.

Unexplained Infertility

Some couples do not have a diagnosed reason for their infertility. This is called unexplained infertility. In-vitro fertilization allows egg and sperm to join together outside of the woman’s body and start growing in a controlled, monitored environment free from any harmful influences.

Severe Tubal Disease

Some women have extensively damaged fallopian tubes from pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) or from severe intra-abdominal infections. In-vitro is designed to bypass the tubes by allowing conception to occur outside the body. The fertilized eggs are then introduced into the uterus in the hope of pregnancy.

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In-vitro fertilization allows women who are being treated for cancer with chemotherapy to be able to have children. Chemotherapy can destroy or damage the eggs within the ovary. Before undergoing chemotherapy treatment for cancer, some women may have their eggs harvested, frozen, and saved for possible attempts to have a child after the cancer treatment is completed.

Low Sperm Counts

When sperm are defective or sperm counts are extremely low, IVF can be used to become pregnant. IVF can work for these conditions because sperm are placed directly next to the egg, and, in some cases, sperm are injected into the egg using Intra-Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) to allow pregnancy to occur.

Absent Ovaries

IVF can be used for a woman without ovaries. In this unique situation, eggs must be donated from another woman.

Absent Uterus

IVF treatment can allow a woman to have a child if she does not have a uterus. The eggs must harvested from the patient’s ovaries and are then placed inside another woman’s uterus (gestational carrier).

Older Age

In-vitro fertilization can be used to allow women over the age of 42 to have better chances at becoming pregnant.

To obtain this reproductive advantage, donor eggs (eggs from another woman younger than 30) must be used.

IVF in Summary


IVF has a well-established place in the treatment of infertility.

IVF can be a very beneficial treatment for couples with any of the above problems causing infertility.

For women who have had a tubal ligation then having their tubal ligations surgically reversed may be the single best step to allow natural conception and pregnancy to occur.

When tubal ligation is the only cause of infertility, then tubal ligation reversal surgery can often be the best choice for women.

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“We had our surgery on 3/18/15 and on 02/02/16 our 7 pound 11 oz baby girl was born! I’m 34 years old and had tubal ligation done via clamps 8 years prior so this surgery really does work! 8 years later I had the reversal and 9 years later we were blessed with our little girl! So many doctors tried to talk us out of it-wanted us to do IVF to get our money-however praise God we went with this because it does WORK! Dr M is amazing and his staff! The area is beautiful where his office is, and if you do this procedure it will be the best money you ever spend!”

– Charlee-Belle M., Surgery

“From the very first phone call, the staff at A Personal Choice has been amazing! They have answered our numerous questions, concerns and have been amazing. They never give you false hope, but give you the complete story. I am so happy that we chose Dr. Monteith and his staff to make our dreams a reality. Can’t wait to start trying to have a baby. I would and have recommended Dr. Monteith to ANYONE wanting a tubal ligation or vasectomy reversal. Thank you all so much for giving us this chance!”

– Angela W., Essure Reversal

“Excellent service overall! Each stage of the process was carefully explained in great detail: how the procedure works, what to expect during the procedure, what to expect after, possible side effects. Dr. Monteith himself is very knowledgeable and experienced and quite personable too. He has a great sense of humor and uses it generously to put patients at ease. I highly recommend him and his staff to anyone considering either a vasectomy or a vasectomy reversal.”

Chris B., Vasectomy Reversal

“The perfect little angel that I’m holding in my arms right now is the best testament to what Dr. Monteith and his staff do for people. We could not be happier with our decision to use Dr. Monteith. His staff are just amazing. Our entire experience was just a dream! Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you!”

Jamie B., Reversal of Cut & Tied Tubes


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