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Can I Get Pregnant With A Tubal Ligation? 1000 Answers

The reversal experts of A Personal Choice have recently experienced a huge event.

can i have a baby after tubes are cut and tiedAfter having performed over 10,000 tubal reversals and having kept complete and accurate pregnancy statistics, their dedicated service has been rewarded with their 1000th patient submitted pregnancy testimonial!

We are extremely proud of every Patient Testimonial and Patient Satisfaction message we have received. These testimonials are often the final mile marker placed in the long journey to become pregnant after a tubal ligation. These messages are the expressions of happiness, satisfaction, and hope fulfilled after the completion of a long journey to reverse tubal ligation.

At some point, everyone’s tubal reversal journey begins with at least one of the questions listed below…

Can I get pregnant after a tubal ligation?

Many women who have undergone a tubal ligation will reconsider their decision during at least one moment in their lives. After a tubal ligation, permanent is a big word and forever can be a daunting concept when one wants to become pregnant again.

If you really want to know if you can get pregnant after a tubal ligation we advise you visit our tubal reversal website. You should find your answer fairly quickly.

Is tubal reversal or IVF best?

baby after reversal of tubal clipsThe best and most unbiased source of IVF data is the
CDC Assisted Reproductive Technology Report.

These reports are collected by the Center’s For Disease Control and have IVF success rates for almost every different situation.

We have the largest data base on pregnancy success after tubal reversal.

Readers are encouraged to look at these statistics and the decide for themselves. We have also compared our success at tubal reversal vs IVF.

Can I get pregnant after my tubes are cut and tied?

We have many patients who have had cut and tied tubes. ‘Cut and tied tubes’ is simply layman’s terms for a ligation and resection type of tubal ligation.

This is a very common type of tubal ligation and it is usually reversible. Provided not too much of the tube was cut and not too much was tied then a large percentage of these types of tubal ligation (over 90%) can be reversed and patients can become pregnant.

Can I get pregnant after my tubes are burned?

Burned and burnt tubes are reversible. ‘Burned tubes’ or ‘burnt tubes’ is layman’s language for a tubal coagulation procedure. The terms ‘burned’ and ‘burnt’ are horribly descriptive but are definitely accurate in describing how these sterilization procedures are done.

Despite the dread these words evoke from people, we have found that burned tubes are also reversible. It is not the burning that is the problem, but rather how much of the tubes are burnt in the process. Most times during these procedures the entire tube is not burnt but instead only a small portion of the tube. The remainder of the tube is typically normal and uninvolved.

Can I get pregnant after my tubes are tied, cut, and burned?

burned tube reversal babyTubal reversal and pregnancy can occur after tubes are tied, cut, and even burned.

Tubes are never simply just tied to close them. Tubes are usually cut to remove a small segment. The ends of the cut tubes are then tied to prevent bleeding from large blood vessels. Sometimes small sections of the cut ends of the tubes are also burned to both prevent bleeding after the operation and to guarantee tubal closure.

Pregnancy can happen after reversal of tied, cut, and burned tubes.

Can I get pregnant after tubes are clips or rings placed?

Chances of getting pregnant after reversal of tubal clips or rings are the highest.

Reversal of these methods yields the highest reversal success because these methods damage and close a very small portion of the tube. During the reversal the ends of the tube will often rejoin perfectly and the remainder of the fallopian tube is usually left in healthy condition.

The great success of tubal reversal

baby after burnt tube reversalNot every patient who has a tubal reversal will become pregnant; however many tubal reversal patients will experience the success and joy of a new pregnancy.

If you are reading this and are asking some of the questions above then investigate the above sources to help make an informed decision for yourself.

If you are not a numbers person and put more faith in personal testaments then we invite you to read the testimonials of women who have experience success through tubal reversal.

We also invite readers to join our Tubal Reversal Facebook page to view our photo album of many more successful tubal reversal babies and families.

Submitted by Dr. Charles Monteith

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