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“Thank you so much for making it possible to bring these two amazing people into our lives.”

– Saratoga Springs, New York

“You are my heroes. We can never thank you enough.”

– Ontario, Canada

We have been so blessed to bring another tubal reversal baby into our family.

– Buckatunna, Mississippi

“Ivy is our second Monteith Miracle!”

– APO, Armed Forces Europe

“It was a leap of faith and we have had a blessed journey.”

– Colorado Springs, Colorado

“Thank you for making our dreams come true!”

– Nebo, North Carolina

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Dr Monteith’s March Madness Tubal Reversal Baby Shower!

Welcome to our first ever March Madness 2016 Tubal Reversal Baby Shower hosted by
Dr. Monteith and A Personal Choice Tubal Ligation and Vasectomy Reversal Center.

Dr. Monteith specializes in tubal reversal surgery and is located in Raleigh, North Carolina.

invitation to Dr Monteiths March Madness tubal reversal baby showerPatients travel from across the United States and internationally for surgery with Dr. Monteith because of his experience and dedication to helping couples who were told they would never be able to naturally have a baby again.

Dr Monteith is one of few reversal specialist who successfully reverses Essure, the newest form of tubal ligation. Dr. Monteith offers his Essure reversal patients the highest chance at success and he is the only reversal specialist who will show you new and updated testimonials of success.

This March 2016 Baby Shower will be an impressive display of how successful reversal with Dr. Monteith can be and how proud he is of all his tubal reversal babies. You will even see testimonials from Essure reversal patients and older women. These are all women who were told pregnancy would never be possible for them.

A new baby will be added every day during the month of March.

All of these babies are recent testimonials submitted by mothers who had surgery with Dr. Monteith. These babies are fresh out of the oven.

2016 March Madness Baby Shower: Here is how it works!

To see these babies as they are presented, you can visit the Testimonial section of Dr. Monteith’s website, join his Tubal Reversal Facebook group, or bookmark this blog for a daily visit.

To view testimonials: A Personal Choice Tubal Reversal Testimonials

To join the group: A Personal Choice Tubal Reversal Facebook Group

March 2016 Tubal Reversal Baby Shower: Here they are!

April 1st 2016: Georgia tubal reversal baby!

A Georgia tubal reversal miracle babyWe could not leave this little angel out of our March 2016 Baby Shower….so we introduce this angel on April 1st.
This beautiful little angel comes from Douglasville, Georgia and his mother had reversal of tubal clip tubal ligation.

Many  of our patients consider their babies miracles because they have had to go through so much adversity to have their babies.

The adversity starts with the guilt of sterilization and overcoming the self-doubt that tubal reversal will work.

The adversity continues when trying to decide IVF over reversal, where to go for reversal, and then overcoming the financial barriers of the cost of surgery.

In the end it is easy to understand why these babies are often referred to as miracles.

Patient hometown: Douglasville, Georgia
View testimonial: Meet A Georgia Tubal Reversal Miracle Baby!

March 31st PM 2016 addition: Could not leave this one out…last minute addition!

Tubal reversal was successful after failed IVFThere was no way we could leave this Pennsylvania baby and mom out of our March 2016 Baby Shower Celebration! Why?

Mom age 45, a burned tube tubal ligation, failed IVF, and every doctor she saw told her it was not possible and she could not become naturally pregnant!

Thankfully this mother did not listen.

This mother had tubal reversal of her burned tubes and also possessed a tremendous amount of faith. She was rewarded with a smiling angel from God!

Have you ever saw such a happy baby?

Patient hometown: Reading, Pennsylvania
View testimonial: IVF Failed But Tubal Reversal Worked At Age 45!

March 31st 2016 AM addition: A Canadian tubal reversal baby!

A tubal reversal baby from Hamilton Ontario CanadaPatients will even travel from Canada for tubal reversal with Dr. Monteith!

In Canada health care is free but most Canadians will have long wait times to see an infertility specialist. Just like in the United States most Canadian tubal ligation patients will be encouraged to have in-vitro fertilization rather than reversal surgery. Tubal reversal specialist are very hard to find in Canada. The few that do offer tubal reversal often have patients waiting for months to years before they can have their surgery.

Most women who want reversal in Canada will find it far more affordable to travel to Raleigh, North Carolina rather than have infertility treatments in Canada.

Patient hometown: Hamilton, Ontario
View testimonial: Say Hello To An Ontario Tubal Reversal Baby!

March 30th 2016: Tubal reversal is possible!

A Pennsylvania tubal reversal baby from Dillsburg PAMany women are told that tubal reversal and pregnancy are not possible. Dr. Monteith’s patients know otherwise!

Most tubal ligations can be reversed. Dr. Monteith is able to reverse 98% of the tubal ligations in his patients and about 2 out of every 3 of his patients will become pregnant after reversal surgery.

This beautiful little baby is from Pennsylvania and was recently born to a very happy and proud mother. Her doctors did not believe tubal reversal was possible. Thankfully she did not listen to their advice and she was able to have a healthy beautiful baby as a result of her faith and hope.

Patient hometown: Dillsburg, Pennsylvania
View testimonial: None Of My Doctors Believed Reversal Was Possible!

March 29th 2016: Another Essure reversal baby!

A new Michigan Essure reversal baby is bornEssure reversal and pregnancy are very possible when you have surgery with Dr. Monteith!

Dr. Monteith is America’s best Essure reversal surgeon. He performs Essure reversal during an outpatient surgery and provides his patients with the best chance of Essure reversal success.

Most reversal doctors will not offer Essure reversal. Other reversal doctors offer Essure reversal but show no proof of success.

This mother traveled from Michigan to have Essure reversal with Dr. Monteith because of his international reputation and his demonstrated success and skill at reversing the newest and most difficult type of tubal ligation, Essure sterilization.

Patient hometown: Lake Odessa, Michigan
View testimonial: Michigan Essure Reversal Baby: Hesitant About Surgery But It Worked!

March 28th 2016: Another baby after burned tubes reversed!

Florida tubal reversal babyIntroducing another baby born after reversal of burned tubes. This baby is from Hudson, Florida.

Not only did this mother have a successful reversal of burned tubes, and a beautiful baby boy, but she also gave birth at the age of 42!

Dr. Monteith is a tubal reversal specialist who dedicates his practice to tubal ligation reversal. As a result he is able to reverse the most challenging types of tubal ligation, including reversing burned tubes and Essure tubal ligation.

Patient hometown: Hudson, Florida
View testimonial: Who Says Burned Tubes Can’t Be Repaired?

March 27th 2016: A Connecticut baby wishes us Happy Easter!

Connecticut-burned-tubes-pregnancy-after-reversalOur Easter Sunday baby is a tubal reversal baby from Waterbury, Connecticut.

Her mother had reversal of burned tubes with Dr. Monteith.

Burned tubes, also called tubal coagulation, is a very common method of tubal ligation. Most people think burned tubes cannot be reversed; however, Dr. Monteith reverses burned tubal ligations frequently. The chance of pregnancy after reversal of burned tubes with Dr. Monteith is 66%.

This mother sent Dr. Monteith a very simple expression of thanks that is commonly expressed by many of Dr. Monteith’s patients,

“Thank you Dr. Monteith for making the impossible a reality!”

Easter is a time to celebrate rebirth and she is a perfect symbol of being reborn when most thought it was not possible after having burned tubes.

Patient hometown: Waterbury, Connecticut
View testimonial: Connecticut Tubal Reversal Baby Makes Her Shower Entrance!

March 28th 2016: Another baby after burned tubes reversed!

Florida tubal reversal babyIntroducing another baby born after reversal of burned tubes. This baby is from Hudson, Florida.

Not only did this mother have a successful reversal of burned tubes, and a beautiful baby boy, but she also gave birth at the age of 42!

Dr. Monteith is a tubal reversal specialist who dedicates his practice to tubal ligation reversal. As a result he is able to reverse the most challenging types of tubal ligation, including reversing burned tubes and Essure tubal ligation.

Patient hometown: Hudson, Florida
View testimonial: Who Says Burned Tubes Can’t Be Repaired?

March 26th 2016: Ohio baby born after burned tubes reversed!

Baby born after mom has burned tubes reversedThe hardest thing about having tubal reversal surgery is making the decision to have surgery.

Many patients comment on how easy the process is once they walk through the doors of Dr. Monteith’s surgical center.

This lovely little girl was born to a Ohio mother after she had her burned tubes reversed with Dr. Monteith.

She provided a beautiful testimonial,

“The entire process was a breeze and we were pregnant before we even had time to wonder if it worked. This year has been like a dream. Thank you Dr. Monteith for helping to complete our family!”

Patient hometown: Lucasville, Ohio
View testimonial: Burned Tubes Reversed: Entire Surgery Was A Breeze!

March 25th 2016: A California Essure reversal baby!

A California Essure reversal baby from Fremont CaliforniaMany believe Essure reversal is the most permanent form of tubal blockage and that Essure can never be reversed. Not when you see Dr. Monteith!

Dr. Monteith was one of he first physicians in the world to describe successful pregnancy after Essure reversal. These successful cases were described in two published medical care reports. Dr. Monteith has subsequently published a much larger study showing Essure reversal and pregnancy are possible.

From January of 2008 to March of 2016, Dr. Monteith has performed over 280 surgeries to remove Essure devices.

This beautiful little girl provides a testimony to the success of reversing Essure with Dr. Monteith.

Patient hometown: Fremont, California
View testimonial: Introducing A California Essure Reversal Baby!

March 24th 2016: Mom pregnant at 41 and with one tube!

Baby born after reversal of one tubeNathanial is from Sandwich, Illinois and he was born after reversal of a tubal ligation of unknown type.

It can be common for patients to not be able to obtain their tubal ligation records. Often hospitals will destroy paper records after 10 years. In these cases, we don’t know the type of tubal ligation. We do offer a screening laparoscopy as an insurance procedure and will offer patients a refund of the surgical fee if their tubes are not repairable.

Many patients will schedule with unknown types of tubal ligation because they know we can repair most tubal ligations (over 98%).

This mother became pregnant with one tube and at the age of 41. She has a beautiful little boy to show for her efforts!

Patient hometown: Sandwich, Illinois
View testimonial: Pregnant With One Tube: This Mom Did It At Age 41!

March 23rd 2016: Missouri tubal reversal baby Diva!

A stylish Missouri tubal reversal little girlA beautiful and stylish Diva from Missouri is introduced today during our shower!

She is as stylish as our March 15th tubal reversal baby, Gianna, and we think she would make a nice partner for our very dapper March 20th baby Eli.

We love all of our tubal reversal babies. They are all cute and it is refreshing to see their photos as their parents proudly dress them up to take ever lasting photos. We welcome these photos as these children grow older and into their young adult years.

Patient hometown: Neosho, Missouri
View testimonial: Missouri Tubal Reversal Baby Arrives To Our Baby Shower!

March 22nd 2016: A Florida baby!

Florida tubal reversal baby sleepingThis beautiful baby is from Ocala, Florida. Many patients will travel from Florida to have tubal reversal with Dr. Monteith because of his dedication to his patients and his high success rates.

The hardest thing about having tubal reversal is making the decision to do it. This mother did and in her testimonial she expressed a common sentiment among women who have surgery and have success,

“The joy these two little ones have brought our family was worth every penny, every tear, and every mile of our journey. Our family is now complete.”

Patient hometown: Ocala, Florida
View testimonial: A Florida Tubal Reversal Baby Arrives!

March 21st 2016: Reversal provides second chances

reversing a tubal chance to be a mommy againAlthough Eli is a hard act to follow we now present an energetic baby from Richmond Hill, Georgia.

He proudly wears a baby t-shirt which predicts he will be a future heart breaker! From his looks this shirt’s prediction seems entirely accurate.

This mother expressed a sentiment that is common among our tubal reversal patient…thanks for providing her with a second chance… thanks for giving her the chance to be a mommy again.

Patient hometown: Richmond Hill, Georgia
View testimonial: Reversing A Tubal Provides A Chance To Be A Mommy Again!

March 20th 2016: Meet a Dapper Dandy!

Michigan tubal reversal EliEli is representing Michigan as the most dapper little guy in the March 2016 Baby Shower baby celebration!

He comes from Charlevoix Michigan and he is the best dressed little baby as he sports his little black bow tie.

To see the message sent by his mother and a better picture of his baby tux then visit his testimonial link below.

Patient hometown: Charlevoix, Michigan
View testimonial: Meet A Michigan Tubal Reversal Baby: Eli

March 19th 2016: A Late report but beautiful baby!

PA tubal reversal baby is announcedThe beautiful little girl is from Reading, Pennsylvania and she is a beautiful little girl.

This little girl is just stunning and her mother provided us with a very simple but powerful message, “Thanks again to Dr. Monteith we were able to complete our family.

We are pleased to see her beautiful smiling face and cute cheeks. We are happy we have been able to help her mother with her pregnancy goals!

Patient hometown: Reading, Pennsylvania
View testimonial: PA Tubal Reversal Baby…Better Late Than Never!

March 18th 2016: Another Washington state reversal baby!

After untying tubes Washington state baby bornOur eighteenth baby shower entry comes from Sedro Woolley, Washington state.

She is a beautiful little girl who wears a beautiful white flower bow!

Her mother submitted her birth report with a photo and a simple message for the staff or A Personal Choice, “We have a beautiful daughter we just welcomed to our life due to you. So very blessed!”

Patient hometown: Sedro Woolley, Washington
View testimonial: Untying Tubes Washington State Baby Born!

March 17th 2016: Wisconsin Essure reversal baby!

Essure tubal ligation reversal is possibleOur seventeenth March baby is another Essure reversal baby. Dr. Monteith specializes in reversal of difficult tubal ligation procedure. One of the most challenging tubal ligations to reverse is Essure tubal ligation.

As you can see Dr. Monteith has reversal Essure reversal babies in his March 2016 Baby Shower and patients recognize his expertise with Essure reversal.

Essure reversal patients travel from across the United States and even as far as Europe and the Middle East to have surgery with Dr. Monteith.

The mother of this baby is from Milwaukee, Wisconsin and she holds a special place in our tubal reversal family. On the day of her surgery she was featured in an ABC news segment about Essure side-effects that was being filmed at Dr. Monteith’s center on the day of her surgery.

More information: ABC I-Team: Essure Removal With Dr. Monteith

Patient hometown: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
View testimonial: Best Doctor For Essure Tubal Ligation Reversal?

March 16th 2016: Meet Jason from Pennsylvania!

Baby born after removing fallopian tube clipsJason is our sixteenth tubal reversal baby in the month of March.

Jason is is sporting a matching hat and shirt so all who see him will know his name!

He is a beautiful tubal reversal baby from Pennsylvania and was born February 2016.

Many Pennsylvania patients will find it more affordable to have tubal reversal with Dr. Monteith rather than have reversal or IVF in Pennsylvania.

Patient hometown: Orwigsburg, Pennsylvania
View testimonial: Removing Fallopian Tube Clips: A Great Chance At Pregnancy!

March 15th 2016: A stylish tubal reversal baby

Atlanta tubal reversal baby arrives to the shower partyGianna is our fifteenth tubal reversal baby and she is our most stylish tubal reversal baby.

She sports a leopard skin baby hat like not other newborn baby could! Gianna is from Atlanta, Georgia and her mother had reversal of tied, cut, and burned tubes.

Even tied, cut, and burnt tubes are reversible in the skilled hands of Dr. Monteith and the staff of A Personal Choice.

Patient hometown: Atlanta, Georgia
View testimonial: An Adorable Atlanta Tubal Reversal Baby: Gianna!

March 14th 2016: three babies after tubal reversal

you can have children after tubal reversal surgeryA tubal reversal patient from Pine Bush, New York sent us a lovely testimonial after her third baby was born after tubal reversal surgery at A Personal Choice.

This is a testimony about the main benefit of tubal reversal surgery. The ability to have multiple chances at becoming pregnant without needing treatment by an infertility doctor.

Tubal reversal provides you a chance to become pregnant every month. These chances add up over time and is one of the major reasons tubal reversal can be far more successful than treatment with in-vitro fertilization (IVF).

Patient hometown: Pine Bush, New York
View testimonial: I Thought I would Never Have Children Again!

March 13th 2016: A SC tubal ligation reversal baby

A South Carolina tubal ligation baby arrives!This mother submitted a testimonial photo of the cutest baby boy with the most piercing eyes.

This baby is from Rock Hill, South Carolina. This couple was very fortunate because their hometown is about 3 hours away from Dr. Monteith by car. Many patients will fly to see Dr. Monteith and some will even make 20 hour drives.

Not only is pregnancy possible after tubal reversal but having a beautiful baby is also possible!

Patient hometown: Rock Hill, South Carolina
View testimonial: South Carolina Tubal Ligation Reversal Baby: Say Hello!

March 12th 2016: A BIG NC tubal reversal baby!

NC tubal reversal baby is a big baby boyMeet Wesley who is our 12th tubal reversal shower baby.

Wesley is a homegrown tubal reversal baby..he is beautiful and he is big. He was just under 11 pounds but he was born 3 weeks early.

Can you image how much Wesley could have weighed if he had stayed in three weeks longer!

Patient hometown: Graham, North Carolina
View testimonial: Wesley A Big NC Tubal Reversal Baby!

March 11th 2016: A Virginia tubal reversal baby

A Fort Royale tubal reversal newborn baby“We considered having the tubal reversal for years until I finally gained the courage with Gods help! I will say that Dr. Monteith is one of the BEST doctors I have ever encountered… This is by far the best money we have ever spent!”

Although tubal reversal may seem expensive it is far more affordable than a single round of in-vitro fertilization.

The price of tubal reversal surgery is PRICELESS when you consider the hope reversal surgery brings couples.

Patient hometown: Front Royal, Virginia
View testimonial: Tubal Reversal With God’s Help Was Best Money Spent!

March 10th 2016: How about a Virginia vasectomy reversal baby!

Vasectomy reversal surgery with Dr Monteith can be very successfulDr. Monteith is so confident in his reversal skills that he also offers men affordable vasectomy reversal surgery!

Most doctors will readily discuss vasectomy reversal with patients but be very negative about tubal ligation reversal.

These same doctors will then mistakenly inform tubal ligation patients they must have expensive in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatments to become pregnant because tubal reversal is not successful!

Patients who see Dr. Monteith will have the highest success with both tubal reversal and vasectomy reversal. This Virginia vasectomy reversal baby is a welcome addition to our March 2016 Tubal Reversal Shower celebration.

Patient hometown: Java, Virginia
View testimonial: Introducing A Virginia Vasectomy Reversal Baby!

March 9th 2016: A Utah Essure reversal baby!

A Utah Essure reversal baby is celebratedOur ninth reversal shower baby is from West Haven, Utah. His mother traveled to Raleigh, North Carolina for the best chance at Essure reversal success.

You can judge the skill of a reversal doctor by seeing if they can reverse some of the most challenging types of tubal ligation.

No tubal ligation is more challenging to reverse than is Essure.

Most reversal doctors will not perform Essure reversal. Many advertise Essure reversal but you rarely see evidence of their success.

Dr. Monteith reverses Essure every week and provides his patients with the best chance of intact device removal and successful pregnancy.

Patient hometown: West Haven, Utah
View testimonial: Utah Essure Reversal Surgery: This Momma Had Success!

March 8th 2016: Second reversal baby at age 46!

A 46 year old mother has natural pregnancy after reversal Age is just a number! This patient had her first reversal baby at age 43 and her second baby at…wait for it…wait for it….at age 46!

The length of time your tubes has been tied is only important because it makes you older. Although most women believe they will have trouble getting pregnant after the age of 35, getting pregnant becomes more difficult after the age of 40 to 42.

If you are having regular periods then this means you are ovulating (releasing eggs) and if you are releasing eggs then pregnancy is always possible.

This patient provides inspiration and hope for women who are older than 40!

Patient hometown: Plano, Texas
View testimonial: Meet A Tubal Reversal Mother Age 46!

March 7th 2016: Chicago reversal baby in the house!

A Chicago tubal reversal baby is celebrated!Our seventh shower baby comes from Chicago, Illinois. His mother had reversal of cut and tied tubes. Her tubes had been tied for 10 years.

Very commonly people believe the longer the tubes have been tied…then the more damage they will have from the tubal ligation procedure. This is not true.

The passage of time does not damage the fallopian tubes. Although the increase in age is not helpful when trying to get pregnant, the time since your tubal ligation does not mean your tubes will be even more damaged.

The ability to become pregnant does start to decline for women after the age of 40.

Patient hometown: Chicago, Illinois
View testimonial: Chicago Tubal Reversal Baby: A Handsome Baby Boy!

March 6th 2016: A Minnesota tubal reversal baby

A Rochester Minnesota reversal babyOur sixth shower baby comes from Rochester, Minnesota. This beautiful angel’s name is Emmalynne and she is actually the second tubal reversal baby born to this fortunate mother.

Emmalynne’s testimonial supports one of the main benefits of tubal reversal surgery:

You have the chance to become pregnant each month. You can become pregnant more than once.

If this mother had attempted IVF treatment she would have had to have a minimum of at least two IVF treatment cycles (this assumes each cycle is 100% successful). This would have cost a minimum of $20,000 to $30,000.

Even after traveling to North Carolina from Minnesota, tubal reversal surgery was a deal for this mother!

Patient hometown: Rochester, Minnesota
View testimonial: So Happy We Chose Tubal Reversal Over IVF!

March 5th 2016: West Virginia reversal baby!

A West Virginia tubal reversal baby has arrived to the showerCamden is a West Virginia tubal reversal baby.
He was born a little early but his parents inform us he is doing well and thriving.

Camden’s mother had reversal of burned tubes…yes reversal of burned tubes!

Many think burned tubes cannot be reversed. Although reversal of burned tubes can be challenging, this method of tubal ligation is very common and can often be reversed by Dr. Monteith.

The chance of pregnancy success after reversal of a burning type of tubal ligation is 60%.

Patient hometown: Madison, West Virginia
View testimonial: West Virginia Tubal Reversal March Shower Baby!

March 4th 2016: Washington state tubal reversal baby!

The fourth baby in our baby shower line up comes from Washington State. This little girl was born after her mother had reversal of a tubal clip tubal ligation with Dr. Monteith.

Washington tubal reversal baby is the fourth shower babyKeep in mind Dr. Monteith is located in Raleigh, North Carolina; however, patients commonly will travel long distances to have reversal with Dr. Monteith. Why?

Dr. Monteith is exclusively dedicated to tubal reversal, provides a consistently high success rate, and offers more affordable surgery than less experienced doctors. Traveling to Raleigh for tubal reversal is far more affordable than a single round of IVF!

Patient hometown: Kennewick, Washington
View testimonial: Washington State Tubal Reversal Shower Baby!

March 3rd 2016: A New York tubal reversal baby!

March has a New York tubal reversal babyIsabella is the third baby in our 2016 March Madness Baby Shower line-up and she is a gorgeous addition.

She was born after reversal of a ligation and resection type of tubal ligation. Ligation is tying and resection is cutting.

This is a very common method of tubal ligation and can be very reversible depending on how much tube was removed. It is very common to remove less than 3 cm during this type or tubal ligation and the tubes should be healthy enough to repair.

In general about 2 out of 3 women who have reversal of cut and tied tubes will become pregnant.

Patient hometown: Liberty, New York
View testimonial: New York Tubal Reversal Baby Isabella!

March 2nd 2016: Virginia tubal reversal baby!

Virginia tubal reversal baby is our second shower babyOur March 2nd shower baby comes from Colonial Height, Virginia. This baby was born after reversal of tubal clips.

Of all tubal ligation methods, reversal of tubal clips and provides the highest chance of pregnancy success. The chance of pregnancy after reversal of tubal clips and tubal rings can be as high as 80%.

A few studies suggest success could 100%!

This mother submitted a photo of a beautiful baby with a beautiful message, “I am glad I had my surgery here!”

Patient hometown: Colonial Heights, Virginia
View testimonial: Virginia Tubal Reversal: Nurses Shocked I Was Having Reversal Baby!

March 1st 2016: Tennessee Essure reversal baby!

A Tennessee Essure reversal baby is our first baby shower baby!Our first March 2016 Baby Shower Baby comes from Franklin, Tennessee.

Not only is this baby extremely cute but he is an Essure reversal baby!

Most health care providers don’t believe Essure can be reversed but we can prove them wrong with our first shower baby.

Dr. Monteith has an updated list of Essure reversal baby testimonials: Essure reversal testimonials

This mother put her faith in God’s hands and her Essure reversal surgery in Dr. Monteith’s hands. She was rewarded with this beautiful baby!

Patient hometown: Franklin, Tennessee
View testimonial: A Tennessee Essure Reversal Baby Arrives!

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