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Liposuction and Tubal Reversal: Unethical and Dishonest

requiring-liposuction-for-tubal-reversal-is-unethicalMost people who know me understand I am a patient advocate.

I would like to speak out against a practice I find professionally distasteful.

Some reversal doctors charge patients more because of body weight. Some even require patients have unnecessary liposuction during tubal reversal surgery at additional cost.

Liposuction has serious risks, can increase the chance of a surgical complication, and should be considered a cosmetic procedure only.

Doctors who require patients to have mandatory liposuction during reversal surgery are either medical quacks or clever cons.

Continue reading for better understanding…

Requiring liposuction for tubal reversal: Unethical

Definition of unethical: lacking moral principles; unwilling to adhere to proper rules of conduct; not in accord with the standards of a profession

Synonymous for unethical: immoral, amoral, unprincipled, unscrupulous,  dishonest, dishonorable, wrong, deceitful, unconscionable, unfair, fraudulent, underhanded, wicked, evil, sneaky, corrupt

  • Liposuction is a cosmetic procedure only
  • No studies show liposuction improves the ease of tubal reversal
  • No studies show liposuction improves reversal success

A search of the PubMed literature database using the terms ‘liposuction and tubal reversal‘ did not find any medical research supporting liposuction during tubal reversal.

Search for yourself: PubMed Search | ‘Liposuction and Tubal Reversal’

Requiring liposuction for unproven benefits is unethical and dishonest.

Liposuction and reversal: A helpful analogy

Imagine your car engine blows a gasket and needs to be repaired. The mechanic tells you he requires power washing for engines with extra dirt because it allows him a better look at the engine and a better chance for a successful repair.

liposuction-during-tubal-reversal-increases-the-risks-of-surgeryHe tells you your engine is really dirty and requires an extra $1000 for power washing.

Would you accept the required power washing or would you find an honest mechanic?

Why would you do anything less with your own body?

Power washing, like liposuction, is a cosmetic procedure. What if the mechanic damages the paint job? What if water gets in the electrical panel?

Not only is liposuction not required for tubal reversal surgery but liposuction during tubal reversal surgery can increase the risks of reversal surgery.

Liposuction and risks of surgery

Liposuction performed at the same time as tubal reversal surgery increases the risks of infection, hematoma formation (bloody fluid collection) and seroma formation (fatty fluid accumulation).

Patients who have liposuction during tubal reversal may have more post-operative pain and may take longer to heal.

Painters will powerwash a house before painting because it improves the quality of the paint job. Similarly, plastic surgeons will use liposuction with other cosmetic procedures to enhance the cosmetic outcome of the primary procedure. Liposuction is used during breast enlargement, breast reduction, and tummy tuck procedures to enhance contour definition after the main procedure is completed.

Liposuction does not make tubal reversal more successful.

If liposuction results in infection, hematoma, or a seroma then your incision will open, need to be packed with gauze, and take longer to heal. If you have a complication your reversal surgery may not be successful.

Liposuction and tubal reversal
Someone is taking advantage of you!

Unfortunately woman are being taken advantage of because everyone thinks we have a few pounds to lose. Who has not thought about liposuction at some point in their life?

  • For the lower BMI patients they are offering liposuction for an additional fee and taking advantage of the patient’s natural desire to remove fat the easy way and get a ‘great deal‘.
  • For the higher BMI patients they are requiring liposuction and claiming it makes tubal reversal more successful.

If you want liposuction then it is your right as a patient to choose to have liposuction as long as your are provided informed consent and educated about the risks.

If you don’t want liposuction and are being required to have liposuction then you are being forced to have a risky procedure for no benefit. If they will do this to you then what other things might they also do?

Was liposuction REQUIRED?

If you were required to have liposuction, I encourage you to leave comments at the end of this article for the benefit of others.

  • Did you feel liposuction was helpful? Did it take longer to heal?
  • Did you even notice a visual difference after your liposuction?
  • Did you have any liposuction complications?
  • Did you become pregnant?

To see the comments left by patients required to have liposuction:
Liposuction During Reversal Surgery: Advice From Other Women

Would you like a reversal surgeon with integrity?

Tubal reversal surgery specialistI have listend to these questions from women for several years and I have continually been disappointed in how my professional colleagues have treated heavier patients.

I do not require my patients to undergo unnecessary procedures and I do not charge patients by the pound!

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