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Valentine’s Day Surgery Special: Two Nights Hotel Stay Included

dr-monteith-a-personal-choice-is-offering-two-night-hotel-stay-for-tubal-reversal-surgeryGood news! A Personal Choice Tubal Reversal Center is extending our January free 2 night hotel deal to the end of February!

The January hotel offer was so popular, we decided to extend it for all patients who have surgery completed the month of February 2023.

Patients who have their tubal reversal surgery completed in February 2023 will receive two (2) nights hotel stay free!  

This free hotel deal is valued at over $350.

The month of love is a great time to take advantage of this opportunity because the offer to included the hotel stay will likely not be offered for the rest of the year.

If your partner has been reluctant to start the tubal reversal journey just tell them to consider it your Valentine’s Day gift!

Reversal surgery and time Considerations

Time is an important factor when determining the chance of pregnancy success after reversal. Why?

The earlier in life you have reversal then the more chances you have to become pregnant.

Each year you wait you miss out on 12 chances because you only ovulate (release an egg) once each month…and there are 12 months in a year…so you have 12 ovulations each year.

For women, the younger you are when trying to get pregnant the lower the chance of pregnancy miscarriage and the more successful you are likely to be in obtaining your goals.

Each year you wait, not only do you lose 12 chances to become pregnant but each year those monthly chances become less.

If you really want reversal and want to have another baby then there is no time like the present. Don’t delay your decision. Do it now!

Tubal reversal: A great Valentine’s Day Gift!

What better gift of love could you give, or receive, than a tubal reversal surgery?

Does it sound crazy to have a tubal reversal surgery as a Valentine’s Day gift?

Dr Monteith is offering a two nights hotel stay for reversal surgeryIt is not crazy when you understand many of our patients have had difficult relationships resulting in separation and divorce.

Many of them (both men and women) have tubal ligation and vasectomy to prevent having more children while in a bad relationship or while being single after a difficult separation.

If you are in a new relationship and have been thinking about having another child with the person you are with…then what better gift to get from your partner (or give to yourself) than to have a reversal so you can grow you family and have a child with the one you love?

The 2023 February hotel deal just sweetens the decision…even if only for a little bit!

An affordable way to have another child!

Dr. Monteith offers affordable reversal surgery. The fees below cover the entire cost of surgery. Patients are only required to pay an additional $175 scheduling fee to schedule surgery.

  • $7,500 tubal reversal
  • $8,500 Essure reversal/removal
  • $7,500 vasectomy reversal

Although the above costs may not seem affordable, you should look into the cost in-vitro fertilization (IVF).

A single round of IVF costs $12,000 to $14,000 and is only half as successful as reversal surgery.

If reversal surgery works… you have a chance to get pregnant every month and you can have more than one baby!

Reversal surgery is way more affordable than IVF treatment.

Dr. Monteith performs outpatient procedures in his surgical center. Patients travel to Raleigh, North Carolina and stay a minimum of two (2) nights and (3) days.

Patients having reversal surgery with Dr. Monteith are required to stay in a local hotel for a minimum of two (2) nights.

  • Consultation appointment is the first day
  • Surgery is the second day
  • Postoperative visit is the third day

Patients stay in a local hotel for two (2) nights while having surgery at A Personal Choice.

Patients are usually required to pay the above fees for surgery and also cover the cost of travel, food, and hotel.

With this Valentine’s Day Tubal Reversal Special, Dr. Monteith will now cover the cost of your two (2) nights hotel stay…but only if you have surgery during the month of February!

This deal will most likely not be extended into March because March and April are usually the busiest times for tubal reversal surgery. Many couples have been planning reversal for years and they often decide to have surgery during Spring Break (kids are out of school) and close to tax refund time (extra money on hand to pay for reversal).

Tubal Reversal Special: Hampton Inn Raleigh!

dr-monteith-tubal-reversal-patients-can-stay-at-the-hampton-inn-midotwn-raleighPatients who are able to take advantage of the February Valentine’s Day special will be put up in the Hampton Inn and Suites in Midtown Raleigh.

This is the newest hotel in our area and was completed in 2020/21. This hotel is located approximately 1 mile from our office.

For more information: Hampton Inn and Suites Midtown Raleigh.

The Hampton Inn and Suites Midtown Raleigh is surrounded by numerous restaurants, shops, and is within walking distance to Raleigh’s first Wegmans grocery story!

If you have not been to Wegmans then you are in for a real treat. It is one of the largest grocery stores in Raleigh. It does not have a pharmacy but it has a very large deli and hot food bar!

This hotel is the newest hotel and is located approximately one mile from A Personal Choice in a trendy new area of Raleigh called Midtown East.

For more information: Midtown East Raleigh

Midtown East is extremely convenient for patients who are having reversal procedures at A Personal Choice.

Important facts about the February 2023 hotel special

  • Available to patients who have surgery completed February 2023
  • Patients must stay at the Hampton Inn and Suites Midtown Raleigh
  • Room service and incidentals are not included
  • Only two nights stay will be covered

You will be required to make your own room reservation and use your own credit card to reserve the room.

Once your surgery has been completed Dr. Monteith’s office will make a payment on your behalf to the hotel for two nights stay.

How do you schedule? How do you get the hotel?

To schedule surgery you, ideally, should send us your tubal ligation records for a free review. We will let you know if you are a candidate for reversal surgery.

To send records use our HIPAA compliant upload portal: Medical Record Upload Portal

If you are unable to obtain your tubal ligation records we would still consider you a candidate but you may want to consider our optional screening laparoscopy procedure. If your tubes cannot be repaired we would refund your tubal reversal surgery fee.

More information: Optional screening laparoscopy

To start scheduling surgery these are the steps you would need to complete: Scheduling tubal reversal surgery

Tubal Reversal Surgery Special: How do you get the free hotel stay?

To get the two (2) nights free hotel stay you would need to complete the scheduling process.

Once you have officially picked a surgery date, finished scheduling with our nursing staff, and paid for your surgery in full… then you would contact the Hampton Inn and Suites Midtown Raleigh and make your reservations.

Even though Dr. Monteith will be paying for your two nights hotel stay, you will be required to make your own reservations at the Hampton Inn and place your credit card on file.

The staff of A Personal Choice will contact the hotel management each week and notify them who the patients are who will be having their hotel paid for. At the time of check out the two night stay will be charged to A Personal Choice.

Please be advised this special is only for patients having surgery February 2023 and staying at the Hampton Inn and Suites Midtown Raleigh. This offer is only good for two nights stay and extra room incidentals are not included.

Tubal Reversal Special: A Great Opportunity

We take good care of our patients! We offer our patients an exceptional surgical experience. To get a good overview of the reversal surgery experience we offer patients then we encourage you to watch this video.

If you have been thinking about tubal reversal and have been putting off your decision then now is a great time to take advantage of this tubal reversal surgery special to make your dreams come true.

Let this Valentine’s Day be a special one!

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