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Ways Of Reversing Tubal Ligation Naturally Without Surgery? Are You Serious?

Looking for ways of reversing tubal ligation naturally without surgery? You cannot be serious… are you?

are-there-ways-of-reversing-tubal-ligation-naturally-without-surgeryIt amazes me how some women ask can they reverse tubal ligation naturally? Why would you even think this is possible.

If I really try to wrap my mind around this question… and really stretch my empathy for some people’s defective thought processes…then perhaps I can ‘kind of’ understand their question…just a little bit. I am really stretching it here.

When women are done having kids they usually ask for something permanent.

They usually get a tubal ligation (have their tubes tied) or have their partner get a vasectomy (get the snip).

If you ask your doctor to perform a surgical procedure on you that is permanent then why would you think there is a natural way to reverse what your doctor did to you?

If you want to learn more about ways to reverse your tubal ligation naturally without surgery then I will help educate you but this education is not going to be exactly what you want to hear.

Can you reverse tubal ligation naturally without surgery?

I am trying to understand why people would even ask such a question.

If I stretch my imagination then I can probably understand if people eat bad stuff, get fat, or have high cholesterol then they often look for natural ways to reverse those unhealthy conditions. So they read about exercise, eating healthier, and what medications can help with weight loss and cholesterol. If someone has heart disease, high cholesterol, and diabetes from unhealthy living or smoking then they probably have asked what are ways to reverse those disease conditions naturally with behavior modification.

These are metabolic conditions caused by bad things you either do or put in your body (unhealthy food and toxic substances) and from lazy behavior (lack of physical activity and exercise).

You can certainly reverse your diet and behavior. Reversing those things may help treat…and in some cases, reverse the disease conditions these BEHAVIORS caused.

Weight gain, lack of exercises, and poor eating can even contribute to diabetes. You can sometimes reverse diabetes and improve your sugar levels by changing your diet and increasing your activity levels. Your behavior reverses the condition because those are metabolic diseases caused by unhealthy behaviors.

Can you reverse tubal ligation naturally without surgery? Hell no!

Here is the big difference people….those other conditions we mentioned above are metabolic conditions or conditions caused by unhealthy behaviors. They are not surgically caused conditions.

reversing-tubal-ligation-can-be-successfulIf you ask your doctor to amputate your leg… you cannot expect to naturally grown it back. If you have your doctor surgically remove your uterus you cannot grow your uterus back.

Once you have surgery to physically do something to your body…most times you can only do surgery to physically undo the thing you did!

Example…if you had a surgical breast reduction we all know you can’t grow your boobs back with medicinal herbs!

You can have another surgery to get breast implants inserted but you can’t rub your chest with Vicks Vapor rub and make your boobs get bigger. It does not work this way people.

What about red clover, castor oil packs, pelvic massage and stranger things?

Desperate people often do desperate things.

P.T. Barnum, the creator of PT Barnum’s World Famous Circus, was a circus showman who has often been quoted as saying “There is a sucker born every minute!

Although the quote may have not been uttered by him, we can certainly understand what he was trying to get across.

When a doctor does a tubal ligation, they surgical divide (or cut) the fallopian tubes. The tubes heal closed within several days to weeks and the tubes are then permanently closed.


Red arrows show where tubes have healed closed

How can drinking red clover tea…or one of the dumbest ones of all…putting a hot castor oil pack on your stomach muscles make your tubes grow back together?

Really? Who thinks up this stuff?

The photo to the left shows a fallopian tube that has been PHYSICALLY divided by a tubal clamp. The fallopian tube has sealed shut where the clamp was put. This photo was taken during a reversal surgery several years later.

How would taking Echinacea make tubes grow back together?

You would probably have more luck jumping rope and trying to jiggle those clamps off!

Now I know there are some people reading this who think I am serious and are going to start jumping up and down to try and make those clamps come off…you can go and try to do it…and good luck.

They ain’t comin’ off…and even if the clamps do come off your tubes then your tubes would still be healed shut. This would also call for a whole lot of serious jumping!

Here is a photo of fallopian tubes that have been burned.


The red circle around the white area shows the burned portion of the Fallopian tube

The white part is the burned tissue…that will get dissolved by the body and the remaining tube… the pink stuff will heal closed. This is permanent.

How will pelvic massage make your burned tubes heal back together?

Do you think taking serrapeptase will make your burned tubes grow back together?

Do you think taking serrapeptase will make your scar tissue go away?

Everyone is fearful about getting scammed. The reality is EVERYONE is vulnerable to getting scammed if they really desperately want something…and in just the right vulnerable moment, in just the right situation, it is always possible to get scammed.

Don’t fall for these scams you read on the internet or see on social medicine.

Important announcement: reversing tubal ligation naturally without surgery is absolutely 100% NOT POSSIBLE!

“I Know A Lady Who Got Pregnant When….”

natural-ways-of-reversing-tubal-ligation-without-surgeryNow some of you are reading this and are saying or thinking, “Well I know this lady who got pregnant when her tubal ligation failed. She ate licorice everyday and stuffed these African douche herbs in her vagina and got pregnant and had her baby! You wrong Dr. Monteith!”

Okay..well who is this lady?

Everyone seems to know someone who got pregnant after tubal ligation. Guess what it does happen occasionally! Tubal ligation procedures can, do, and will fail. Nothing is 100%.

Your doctor probably discussed this uncommon risk of tubal ligation…tubal ligation failure. It does happen. Guess what…people also win the lottery! You hear about it on the news every week. Does that mean it will happen to you?

Tubal ligation failure does happen. Want to learn more about tubal failure?

Read: Can tubes come untied? Can tubes grow back together?

Tubal ligations fail…not because your tubes grew back together…or because you put castor oil on your butt checks…it happens because of two reasons:

  • Improperly performed tubal ligation procedures
  • Fistula formation

Tubal ligation done improperly. This happens mostly with tubal clips/tubal clamps and tubal burning. Why?

Tubal clips

The clips may be placed tangentially across the tube and the tube still be open. They are supposed to be put perpendicular across the fallopian tube. If they are not then the clips push the tube to the side and don’t close the tube. Sometimes the clips can be defective and spring open and release the tube soon after they are placed (this is very uncommon). Tubal clips don’t fail that often.

More information: Long term failure after Filshie clips

Tubal burning

Have you ever ordered a steak well done and it was pink with blood on the inside? Were you mad? Well it happens.

tubal-ligations-fail-for-same-reasons-steak-is-sometimes-under-cookedThe cook tried to cook the steak all the way through and they just got it wrong. The same happens with burning tubal ligations.

The doctor burns the tubes but not all the way through. There is still a little ‘pink’ on the inside. The tubal lumen..the inside where the egg passes…is still normal and open.

This is also one reason why tubal burning procedures can be so bad.

Your doctor does not want you to have a tubal failure and get pregnant…so they over burn the tubes to try and make sure they don’t serve you a rare/raw steak!

Fistula formation. This is a concept most people do not readily understand. Most tubal ligations fail from tubal fistula formation.

Okay here is how it works…it is easy to damage human tissue (cut, burn, crush, etc) but we have very little control over healing. A tubal ligation can be done in 10 minutes but it takes the body weeks to months to slowly heal from the damage to the skin, muscles, connective, tissue, and tubal damage.

tubal-ligation-failure-is-like-playing-dartsSometimes the fallopian tubes heal abnormally with a small pin-point hole. This is called a fistula….and guess what?

Millions and millions of sperm can easily find and swim out of that opening, fertilize an egg near your ovary, and that one single egg may have a hell of a time trying to find that small abnormal tubal opening.

It is kind of like hitting the center of a dart board.

Most tubal ligation failures end up being ectopic (life threatening pregnancies inside the fallopian tube)….many of these ladies have ruptured tubes because they do not know they are pregnant and wait too late to see a doctor.

Often times the story gets told and retold by friends, families, and hospital workers…and the story can sometimes change. The facts get lost but everyone ends up knowing a lady who got pregnant after her tubes were tied! They just do not always know the details of what happened.

Ways of reversing tubal ligation without surgery?

Let me make this as simple as I can: there are no ways of reversing tubal ligation without surgery. Sorry.

You have three (3) ways to get pregnant after tubal ligation. Three ways…and three ways only.

  1. Tubal ligation failure
  2. In-vitro fertilization
  3. Tubal reversal surgery

End of discussion. You can eat Echinacea, swallow serrapeptase , put castor oil packs on your abdomen, do coffee enemas, and massage your abdomen to the cows come home and you will not make yourself pregnant.

If you had something surgically done then you will usually need surgery to get it undone.

Do not count on tubal ligation failure. The chance is low and most of those pregnancies are in the tube…or serious ectopic pregnancies. Your best chance is either IVF or tubal reversal.

Tubal reversal can be more successful and more affordable for most women. Especially women under the age of 42 and those women who have tubal clips and tubal rings.

Do you want to know if you tubal ligation can be reversed?

If you want to know if your tubal ligation can be reversed then watch this video:

To see more tubal reversal videos: Tubal Reversal A Personal Choice YouTube channel

Dr. Monteith is located in Raleigh, North Carolina. Although North Carolina may seem like a long distance away, most patients readily travel to have surgery at his center because of his expertise and the affordable cost of his reversal surgery.

For more information on tubal reversal: Tubal reversal surgery with A Personal Choice

Dr. Monteith performs out-patient surgery in a center dedicated to reversal surgery and this allows his patients to avoid the high cost of overnight hospitalization. Even with the additional cost of travel to North Carolina, surgery with Dr. Monteith is far more affordable than in-vitro fertilization in their hometown.

You can also call (919) 977-5050 for more information.

This article was written by Dr. Charles W Monteith who is a tubal ligation reversal specialist in Raleigh, North Carolina. Dr. Monteith is the Medical Director of A Personal Choice and he specializes in reversing both male and female sterilization procedures.

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