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Body Mass Index Calculator

Body Mass Index Calculator

Patients are required to have a Body Mass Index (BMI) of less than 37 before tubal reversal surgery and less than 45 before vasectomy reversal surgery. This policy is for optimal patient safety when undergoing elective outpatient surgery.


Body Mass Index (BMI) is a calculation based on height and weight that correlates with the amount of body fat. Calculating your BMI will tell you if you are at a healthy weight. Enter your height and weight in this BMI calculator to determine your body mass index.


Is your BMI over 37 (women) or over 45 (men)?

If your body mass index is higher than our maximal limits for surgery, we recommend progressive weight loss through diet combined with regular exercise such as walking daily. Fasting, limiting fluid intake, or using diuretics to lose weight immediately before surgery should be avoided to minimize the risks of surgery and anesthesia.

It is essential that you provide accurate information regarding your height and weight when scheduling surgery and during your anesthesia consultation. Providing inaccurate information about your height and weight, past surgery, or medical conditions may result in your procedure being rescheduled or cancelled.

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Marielis Reply

24.18 mi operación fue en el 2005. Y tengo 34 años, estoy buscando varías alternativas ya que quiero y deseo tener un bb.

    Dr. Monteith Reply

    Please call us at (919)977-5050 and ask to speak with Karla or Oyuki. They speak Spanish and can help you.