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Tubal Ligation Side Effects

Tubal Ligation Side Effects?
Our Experience

I am commonly contacted by potential patients asking can tubal tubal ligation cause  side effects?

In my experience, I do see patients who suffer symptoms after having their tubes tied. Although it often seems like a controversial topic, I do evaluate and treat a unique subset of patients who have tubal ligation side effects.

This section of the website was created to share with other physicians my thoughts about possible reasons tubal ligation side effects based on my experience as a dedicated tubal reversal specialist.

Tubal Ligation and Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome

No discussion of tubal ligation side effects can be complete without having discussed Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome (PTLS) to some degree.

I have reviewed the CREST study and provided insight into my experience with patients who report symptoms after tubal ligation.

Although the CREST study provides tremendous insight into the effects of tubal ligation on a population of US women, the CREST study only demonstrates women who have tubal ligation are not more likely to have menstrual irregularities after tubal ligation than those who do not have tubal ligation.

We frequently see patients who report abnormal symptoms after their tubal ligation procedures. Many of these women will have been evaluated for other conditions without any diagnosis for these symptoms. Many will come to us and have normal findings after tubal reversal surgery. A significant percentage, >90% will report improvement after tubal ligation reversal surgery at our center.

For more information on the CREST study, PTLS, and our experience:
Tubal Ligation Syndrome: Personal Insight

I often feel the discussion of symptoms after tubal ligation becomes devalued with an extensive discussion of PTLS. I feel it is often important to take a step back an ask the more simple question: Does tubal ligation cause problems?

If we can acknowledge some women will have side effects, complications, or problems as a result of their tubal ligation then a more meaningful conversation can then occur.

Tubal ligation side effects: A review of the medical literature

I have reviewed pertinent medical literature and have identified case reports which describe non-typical complications from tubal ligation. Most of these case reports focus on documented symptoms of pain after tubal ligation which have responded to surgical correction.

More information: Tubal Ligation and Pain: Can Tubal Ligation Cause Symptoms?

Tubal ligation and endometriosis: A Review of Medical Literature

I have also reviewed pertinent medical literature and have identified case reports suggesting endometriosis can be a common finding after tubal ligation and supports my frequent observations of endometriosis at the time of tubal surgery.

More information: Tubal Ligation and Endometriosis: Review of Medical Literature

Endometriosis of fallopian tubes: My personal observations

I have personally been impressed in the number of cases of fallopian tube endometriosis I have observed during tubal reversal surgery. I have frequently hypothesized endometriosis may be the cause for many of the symptoms some women experience after tubal ligation. For more information: Tubal Ligation Pain: Is Endometriosis The Cause?

endometriosis can be the cause of tubal ligation side effectsEndometriosis of the fallopian tube is not common; however, I diagnose fallopian tube endometriosis with frequency.

I do believe some women who have tubal ligation complications may, in fact, be dealing with endometriosis as a cause for their symptoms.

More information:
Can Tubal Ligation Cause Endometriosis?

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