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Pregnancies 4th Week March 2008

Posted: 03.31.08
Name: Stacey K.
Location: Spotsylvania Virginia
Date of Tubal Reversal: august 1, 2003
Date of Pregnancy Test: 03/26/2008
Due Date: 12/01/2008
Remarks: I am waiting to get my hcg results. I am also scheduled for a sonogram on Thursday. I will keep you posted. What is the chances for me of a tubal since I have had a birth after my reversal.
**It took me 2 year 3months for the 1st pregnancy and it took me 19 months this pregnancy.

Posted: 03.28.08
Name: Wendy W.
Location: Ft Hood Texas
Date of Tubal Reversal: 9/10/2008
Date of Pregnancy Test: 3/16/2008
Remarks: We are so excited our first US showed we may be expecting TWINS!

Posted: 03.28.08
Name: Dawn H.
Location: Albion NY
Date of Tubal Reversal: 11/10/2003
Date of Pregnancy Test: 02/25/2008
Due Date: 11/07/2008
Remarks: After a miscarriage in October we are very happy to announce that we are pregnant again. We are 8 weeks today. At our doctors appointment earlier in the week we had an ultrasound that showed a heartbeat in the 160’s. This will be TR baby #4 for us and we are just excited this time as we were with the first. Thank you for the great work you guys do. You are truly miracles workers. Brian and Dawn H.

Posted: 03.27.08
Name: Diana F.
Location: Cumberland RI US
Date of Tubal Reversal: 2/05
Date of Pregnancy Test: 3/5/08
Remarks: Just thought I would keep you updated. My LMP was Feb. 3rd. I got a Positive Pregnancy Test on March 5th. I had a M/C on March 17. Had 3 blood tests, first two looked good, third dropped. This is my first pos. and M/C since surgery. I am dealing w/ the M/C and pray that I will have another chance to be a Mommy again.

Posted: 03.27.08
Name: Joy J.
Location: Penn Yan New York
Date of Tubal Reversal: 10/30/2007
Date of Pregnancy Test: 3/27/08
Due Date: 12/1/08
Remarks: Had 1 m/c already. Took a hpt test … was positive. Just had blood test for confirmed positive pregnancy and also to test starting HCG levels.

Posted: 03.27.08
Name: Gina P.
Date of Tubal Reversal:
Date of Pregnancy Test: 2/28/08
Remarks: I had 2 kids before my tubal reversal in Oct 2004. We tried IVF twice unsuccessfully. The RE said my ovarian reserve had poor quality eggs and that my chance of conceiving naturally was less than 5%.
We started an adoption process and 1 week before picking up my infant in Ethiopia I found out I was pregnant! Once I came back with my new infant I went to my OB and confirmed an untrauterine pregnancy with a heartbeat at 6.5 weeks!! I am estatic. I went from 2 to 3 and by Nov I’ll have 4 children.


Posted: 03.26.08
Name: Melinda C.
Location: New Bedford Massachusetts
Date of Tubal Reversal: August of 2007
Date of Pregnancy Test: 3/24/08
Remarks: I still don’t have my due date because my primary care doctor is making the appointment for me. I already had blood drawn for the count once on 3/24/08 and today 3/26/08. I have a follow up appointment on 3/31/08 to monitor my hcg level.

Posted: 03.24.08
Name: Nicole B.
Location: Austin Texas
Date of Tubal Reversal: 1-20-05
Date of Pregnancy Test: 3-24-08
Due Date: 11-25-08
Remarks: It took me 21 months to conceive our first tr baby. She is 8 months old. I only had two cycles this time. We are so excited!!

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