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Three Months Into Essure Reversal Pregnancy!

March 23, 2022   ·   No Comments

The whole process was wonderful from start to finish! Fallon, Illinois

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Removing Essure Restored My Sense Of Wellbeing

March 17, 2022   ·   No Comments

After my Essure removal, my sense of wellbeing has been restored and other side effects of Essure have vanished. Annandale, Virginia

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Only One Year After Reversing Essure: Pregnant!

March 16, 2022   ·   No Comments

In only one year and we were pregnant. Now we have a healthy baby boy! Linden, New Jersey

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Due For My Essure Reversal Baby In July 2022!

March 10, 2022   ·   No Comments

I’m 23 weeks now and waiting for a Independence Day baby boy! Wilmington, Delaware

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Essure Reversal: Opportunity To Make A Baby Again

March 09, 2022   ·   No Comments

We are so very grateful for Dr Monteith giving us the opportunity to make my husband a daddy! Pueblo, Colorado

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Not One…But Two Essure Reversal Miracles

March 08, 2022   ·   No Comments

Thank you so much for not just one but two miracles! Southborough, Massachusetts

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Reversing Essure: After Four Boys We Now Have Our Little Girl

March 04, 2022   ·   No Comments

Dr. Monteith give us the chance at another baby and now we have a girl! Grand Junction, Michigan

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Having A Rainbow Baby After Reversing An Essure Tubal

March 03, 2022   ·   No Comments

Essure Reversal With Dr Monteith | He is our rainbow baby after suffering a miscarriage in 2020. Avon, Illinois

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Essure Reversal Worked: 4 Babies After Removing Essure Devices!

March 01, 2022   ·   No Comments

I was just so sick from Essure this man saved my life and gave me a chance to have 4 more beautiful. Woonsocket, Rhode Island

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“Thank you so much for making it possible to bring these two amazing people into our lives.”

– Saratoga Springs, New York

Birth Announcements

“You are my heroes. We can never thank you enough.”

– Ontario, Canada

Birth Announcements

We have been so blessed to bring another tubal reversal baby into our family.

– Buckatunna, Mississippi

Birth Announcements

“Ivy is our second Monteith Miracle!”

– APO, Armed Forces Europe

Birth Announcements

“It was a leap of faith and we have had a blessed journey.”

– Colorado Springs, Colorado

Birth Announcements

“Thank you for making our dreams come true!”

– Nebo, North Carolina


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