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Important Points When Considering Vasectomy Reversal

Before Paying Scheduling Fee
Special Considerations for Vasectomy Reversal

1. Scheduling fee is good for 90 days

You should call and start the surgery scheduling process within the first 90 days of submitting your scheduling fee. If you are unable to start the scheduling process within 90 days, you will be required to submit another scheduling fee when you are ready to schedule.

2. Your Body Mass Index must be below 40 for vasectomy reversal

For maximal surgical safety your Body Mass Index (BMI) must be below 40 for vasectomy reversal surgery. BMI is calculated using your height and your weight. You can calculate your Body Mass Index using our BMI Calculator.

If your BMI is above 40, you should not pay the scheduling fee because we will not be able to place you on the surgical schedule. The most common reason for a BMI error is not using the correct height. Inaccurate weight reporting is the second most common reason for BMI error.

All patients will have their BMI officially calculated at the time of their preoperative consultation. If your BMI is 40 or above at the time of your consultation then you will not be allowed to have surgery. This policy exists for maximal safety during outpatient surgery.

3. Significant health problems

If you have significant health problems then you should call to speak with a nurse before paying the scheduling fee. Significant health problems are defined as health conditions which can significantly impair your quality of life and for which you are under the continuing care of a physician.

4. Conditions which increase risk of one-sided repair or return of low numbers of sperm

The following conditions increase the chance only one side can be repaired during your vasectomy reversal or that sperm could reappear in low numbers after your vasectomy reversal:

  • vasectomy done at the same time as a hernia repair
  • complication during initial vasectomy procedure
  • repeat vasectomy procedure for persistent sperm (vasectomy failure)
  • prior chemotherapy treatment
  • undescended testicles or surgery to correct undescended testicles
  • presence of male infertility before your vasectomy
  • greater than 15 years since your vasectomy procedure

5. Surgery fee payment

Your surgery date is conditionally scheduled and held after your scheduling interview. Your surgery is only considered firmly scheduled when the full surgery fee payment has been received by our office. The full surgery fee is due within 24 hours of scheduling.

If you are financing surgery, you should obtain approval for financing and know the amounts you will be allowed to finance before scheduling surgery. You can apply for financing directly from the financing companies listed on our website: Financing Reversal Surgery

6. Important policies

When starting the scheduling process you should be aware of several of our safety policies which require you plan accordingly before scheduling your surgery:

Responsible adult: An adult over the age of 18 must be with you at the time of your pre-operative appointment, the day of your surgery, during your hotel stay the night of your surgery, and the day of your post-operative evaluation.

Children: Minors under the age of 18 are not allowed in the facility.

Hotel stay: You are required to stay in either of the two hotels located close to our facility: Hyatt House Raleigh North Hills or the AC Hotel Raleigh North Hills.

Body mass index: You are required to have a Body Mass Index (BMI) less than 40 at the time of your surgery. Your BMI will be officially calculated during your pre-operative consultation. You can calculate your Body Mass Index using our Body Mass Index calculator.

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