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Surgical Technologists – The Unsung Heros

Surgical Technologists at A Personal Choice Surgical technologists, also called surgical technicians, are the unsung heros of the surgical team at A Personal Choice. Patients have little interaction with them except when they are in the operating room. The surgical techs are not easily recognizable behind their surgical masks and during most of the time […]

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Anesthesia For Outpatient Tubal Reversal Surgery

There have been many milestones in outpatient anesthesia since its inception. Imagine what the first patient was thinking when told he or she would be going home the same day after the administration of a general anesthetic! These milestones include vast improvements in patient monitoring, shorter acting anesthetics, and improved surgical techniques. Anesthesia at A […]

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My Start to Becoming a Tubal Reversal Specialist

After my first meeting with Dr. Berger, I drove home and was ecstatic our conversation went so well. I did not know what to expect when I first visited the center but my visit was everything I could have hoped for. Immediately when I got home I told my wife about my experience. I had never told […]

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Dr. Monteith – First Meeting with Dr. Berger

After my dream of becoming a tubal reversal specialist, I emailed Dr. Berger to ask for his assistance in teaching me his techniques of outpatient tubal reversal microsurgery. I was a little reluctant to reach out and make contact but, as I previously mentioned, email is a great way to receive rejection. When I received […]

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My Dream of Becoming a Tubal Reversal Surgeon

Divine Revelation and My Dream A good idea, especially a really good idea, will make sense in every way. I began to analyze what a career as a tubal reversal specialist could mean for me. I could learn the surgical technique of tubal ligation reversal, which is gradually becoming a dying science and a lost […]

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Path to a Career as a Tubal Reversal Surgeon

My path has taken me through four hard, long years of residency training- many days and nights in the hospital. My training can be summed up into two words- extreme exhaustion. As an attending physician, I had practiced high risk obstetrics and gynecology and had experienced many joyous and difficult moments. I have seen beautiful […]

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Introducing Charles W. Monteith MD

Greetings from Dr. Monteith My name is Dr. Charles W. Monteith and I am happy to formally introduce myself as a tubal reversal physician. I will be joining Dr. Gary Berger in practice at A Personal Choice as a certified tubal ligation reversal specialist in the summer of 2008. I am currently undergoing certification in […]

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Tubal Ligation Reversal Physicians

Women who are seeking the best tubal ligation reversal physicians come to A Personal Choice. It is the only medical practice or facility dedicated exclusively to repairing fallopian tubes after tubal ligations. A Personal Choice is widely recognized as the tubal reversal facility that has the best patient care and the highest documented pregnancy and […]

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Will Tubal Reversal Become a Lost Skill?

Tubal reversal surgery is becoming a lost skill among doctors in training, according to an article in the January 2008 issue of Fertility and Sterility, the most influential medical journal for reproductive specialists. The article states, “The future for tubal anastomosis seems grim…and, like the Roman Empire, may be lost in Antiquity.” The thesis of the […]

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