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Tubal Ligation and Tubal Reversal News: 2007

Past topics in the Tubal Reversal Blog include posts and comments about patient care at A Personal Choice. This topic summarizes important articles about tubal ligation and tubal reversal reported in the news during 2007. Sterilization is Most Popular Family Planning Method Approximately 10 million American women use the pill for contraception, while sterilization has […]

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Is Tubal Reversal Surgery Safer in a Hospital?

In a recent email inquiry, someone asked if it would be safer to have tubal reversal surgery in a hospital. My response – “It is much safer to have tubal reversal surgery performed at A Personal Choice than in a hospital.” Infection and Medication Error Risks in Hospitals Roughly 100,000 people wind up with a […]

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Consenting to Tubal Ligation During Childbirth

I received an email message today from a patient that prompted me to write about informed consent for tubal ligation. (See my previous blog about informed consent for tubal reversal.) Here is the message that was sent to me. Hello, Dr. Berger, You performed tubal reversal surgery on me on 10/29/07, and I just found […]

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Pregnancy After Tubal Reversal

Women come from all over the world to A Personal Choice for tubal reversal surgery. It is natural, and appropriate, for them to ask what their chances will be for pregnancy after a tubal reversal procedure performed by Dr. Berger. This important question about the anticipated benefit should be asked of any doctor before undergoing […]

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Hysterosalpingogram (HSG) After Tubal Reversal

Patients often ask when they should have a hysterosalpingogram (HSG) to see if their fallopian tubes are open after tubal reversal surgery.

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Diagnostic Laparoscopy Before Tubal Reversal: A Recap

Why Some Patients Choose To Have Screening Laparoscopy Tubal ligation procedures vary in the severity of injury occurring to the fallopian tubes. Although most tubal ligations are reversible, there are some cases where tubal reversal is not possible. If the operative report from your tubal ligation indicates there may be a problem in repairing the […]

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Ectopic Pregnancy and Tubal Rupture After Tubal Reversal

I recently received an email from a patient who had an ectopic pregnancy subsequent to her tubal reversal. Unfortunately, the pregnancy continued to the point of tubal rupture with the loss of the fallopian tube. Patient’s History I was hoping you could help me understand why my ectopic pregnancy was not detected early enough to […]

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New To The Tubal Reversal Message Board

Exchanging Information About Tubal Reversal The Tubal Reversal Message Board is provided by A Personal Choice to allow women to communicate with each other about tubal ligation reversal. Members of Dr. Berger’s staff also contribute their insights in the message posts. Here is an example of how members help and support each other on the message board […]

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A Personal Choice – Chapel Hill Surgical Center

New patients may want to learn about the relationship between A Personal Choice and Chapel Hill Surgical Center. They are interrelated health care organizations exclusively for the benefit of patients undergoing tubal reversal surgery. A Personal Choice A Personal Choice is the name of my private practice. It is located on the second floor of a 2 story […]

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