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Tubal Reversal Is The Best Option!

Tubal ligation was intended to be permanent. Circumstances can change and women with tied tubes may want more children. When this happens, they often are told that treatment by in vitro fertilization (IVF) is their only option. In reality, tubal reversal is the best choice. Comparing Tubal Reversal and IVF Once the fallopian tubes are repaired by tubal reversal surgery, there is […]

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Is Tubal Reversal The Best Option For You?

If you have had your tubes tied and would like to become pregnant again, tubal reversal surgery is probably the best option for you. Tubal ligation reversal is the most successful and cost-effective way to become pregnant for 98% of women who have had a tubal ligation and now want to have another baby. What […]

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Tubal Reversal Message Board

Information About Tubal Reversal The Tubal Reversal Message Board has been closed in preference of a public Facebook group. The Tubal Reversal Message Board is a public service offered by A Personal Choice. This message board allows prospective, current, and past patients of Dr. Berger to share information with each other and Dr. Berger’s staff […]

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Informed Consent for Tubal Reversal Surgery

What Is Informed Consent? Informed consent means that a person has access to and understands all relevant information about a medical or surgical treatment necessary to make an informed decision about it. In the case of tubal ligation reversal, informed consent means that a person understands how it the surgery is performed, the alternative treatment […]

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Patient Follow-up After Tubal Reversal Surgery

We provide the most detailed information about tubal reversal available from any doctor, hospital, or medical institution. This blog post describes how we are able to do this.

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Anesthesia at A Personal Choice

A Personal Choice Anesthesia Team The Anesthesia Team at A Personal Choice ensures your comfort before, during, and after your tubal reversal procedure. We are Caryn Hertz, MD, Pamella Mills, CRNA, and Ann Pflugrath, MD. Our team consists of two board certified anesthesiologists and a registered nurse anesthetist specializing in outpatient anesthesia. Our experience working […]

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Tubal Reversal By Salpingostomy

Salpingostomy is creating an opening in the fallopian tube. Salpingostomy is the appropriate tubal reversal procedure when the end closest to the ovary is closed and the fallopian tube has not been divided into separate segments. This is what results from a fimbriectomy tubal ligation.

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Tubal Reversal By Tubal Implantation

Tubouterine Implantation: Best Procedure For Proximal tubal blockage Implantation of the fallopian tube is inserting the tube through a new opening into the uterus. Tubouterine implantation is correct medical terminology, but it is also called tubal implantation, uterotubal implantation, or uterine implantation. Most tubal ligation operations leave two fallopian tube segments that can be reconnected. […]

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Tubal Reversal by Tubal Anastomosis

Tubal Reversal Procedures There are 3 types of tubal reversal procedures: anastomosis – (today’s blog topic) implantation salpingostomy Anastomosis of Fallopian Tubes Anastomosis connects two body parts. Tubotubal anastomosis is connecting two segments of the fallopian tube. Tubotubal anastomosis is correct medical terminology, but it is also called tubal anastomosis for short. Bilateral tubal anastomosis […]

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