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Tubal Reversal Or IVF: Best Treatment To Become Pregnant?

Tubal reversal gives you a chance every month can be a better treatment than in-vitro fertilization.

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Essure Problems: Pelvic Pressure, Pinching, And Irregular Periods

A hysterectomy is not necessary to treat Essure problems.

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Tubal Reversal Surgery Offering Hope One Month At A Time

A patient has tubal reversal after the drowning death of her child. Tubal reversal provided her hope and four years later the fruits of her efforts are realized!

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Best Doctor For Reversing Tubes: See What Makes This Center The Best!

See why so many women travel to this doctor in Raleigh, North Carolina to have surgery for blocked tubes.

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Tubal Reversal Insurance: Something To Consider

A screening laparoscopy can be a great insurance policy when having tubal reversal surgery.

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The First Tubal Reversal Surgery Goes To The Bronx, New York!

The first to have tubal reversal at our new center comes from Bronx, New York gets a special pin to commemorate her surgery.

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New Tubal Reversal Center Meets “Old Reversal Patient”

To understand why we are the best reversal surgeons working at the best reversal center read this inspiring article.

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A Personal Message From Dr. Monteith: For Previous and Future Patients

Dr. Monteith wishes patients and staff a Happy New Year and reveals 2014 will be a fantastic and untouchable year!

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A Personal Choice Is Moving!

A Personal Choice is moving to a new location in Raleigh, North Carolina and will provide patients with a better overall experience!

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