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Fallopian Tube Anatomy: Is Tubal Length Important?

Tubal length after reversal is an important factor in getting pregnant after tubal reversal.

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Tubal Ligation, PTLS, Reversal: Mediah’s Personal Journey

Mediah continues her personal story about her struggle to have tubal reversal surgery.

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A Personal Story About Tubal Ligation Problems

A reversal patient describes her reasons behind and difficulty with having a tubal ligation.

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Is Miscarriage Higher After Tubal Reversal?

Pregnancy miscarriage is common after IVF and tubal ligation reversal.

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Negative Side Effects Of A Tubal Ligation: PTLS

A patient comments on her one year anniversary of relief from PTLS.

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Can You Be Pregnant With A Negative Pregnancy Test?

Can you be pregnant with a negative test? It is possible but not likely. This article explains.

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Tubal Reversal And Miscarriage: Is There A Connection?

Tubal ligation reversal and pregnancy miscarriage: is there a relation and what are the reasons for miscarriage after tubal reversal? This article begins to answer.

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Is Tubal Ligation Reversal Possible?

The reversal specialist of A Personal Choice center keep comprehensive statistics on the success of their tubal reversal procedures.

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When Is A Sperm Test Recommended Before Tubal Reversal?

Sperm testing is important before tubal reversal in one unique circumstance.

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